Tova Payne

Writer, Teacher + Consultant

The 4 Pillars to Health:

Health is the backbone to enjoying life and being motivated to engage in creative pursuits.

If you have a million dollars but feel sick all the time–you wont be able to enjoy the million dollars.

If you got your dream job or started your dream entrepreneurial venture but feel sick, you won’t be able to give you’re all or be able to enjoy your dream position.

At the core of joy is your health, and after over a decade in the field of wellness I’m narrowing it down to four core pillars: [click to continue…]

The Power of Following The Inner Call

10 years ago the Inner Call came–leading me to board an airplane to Baja Mexico.

I spent a few days wandering around the town of San Jose del Cabo and then took a bus to a random highway drop-off point in the middle of nowhere.
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4 Things To Do When Things Fall Apart:

The Divine Slam– when everything seems to fall apart at the same time. Even if it’s one thing, if it’s a Big Deal (like the ending of a relationship or job) can feel so heavy that it feels like everything else is coming down with it.
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