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How to Overcome the Fear of Judgements

Has the fear of judgement stopped you from doing, being or creating what you deeply desire?

In business and life, the fear of being judged by others can stop us from releasing a blog post, a book, a course, and basically that fear can put us out of business, and stop us from living the freedom-style–life we want.
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5 Myths of Entrepreneurship

The dream goes like this:

You have a passion, and you’re tired of working for somebody else doing something you don’t love.

You hear about how you can work from home and have more freedom, so you decide to open your own business from home and live the life of your dreams.

Sounds easy right?

Well, doing what you love isn’t as simple as it may sound, or as it may be advertised to you by people saying things like: “Do what you love, and never work a day in your life” or “Work just a few hours a day from home and make 6 figures”

As usual, I’m here to get real with you. Here are 5 myths about working for yourself:
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5 Ways to Write like a Writer (Even if You’re Not a Writer)

Love it or Hate it—If You’re an Entrepreneur You’re a Writer:

Whether it’s an e-book, blog post, web-copy or sales copy, writing is central to communication in business.

And there’s nothing more painful than staring at a blank screen when you’re a writer.

And in today’s world, as an entrepreneur—you must write if you want to lead.

In today’s business world, sharing ideas is the new currency:

Being able to write newsletters, blogs, and guest posts is the way to market and advertise yourself, your business, and your ideas.
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