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How to create the right offerings in your business

A common question I get is “How do I structure my offerings?”

On the surface it seems simple:

If you’re a yoga teacher: offer a 1-hour private yoga class

If you’re a life coach: offer a 1-hour coaching session

If you’re an energy-healer: offer a 1-hour reiki session


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The Truth About Client Attraction

What you need to know about the words Client Attraction:

I used to hear the words “client attraction” and think there was a magical potion I could take that would bring a heap of clients at my front (online) door.

Ok. Kidding. Sort of.

But really—I thought client attraction was some kind of magic trick. I figured I HAD to find out what that magic was.

You know what it is?
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5 tips to create your own home-based retreat

As an entrepreneur, artist, creator, innovator—It’s common to work. work. work. work.

Always in creation mode, then distribution mode (or hustle mode as they call it ;) Always something to do.

It can get exhausting and it’s important to maintain your energy in order to maintain your creative spirit

That’s why going on a retreat is an awesome way to get away from it all and unwind completely. Commune with nature, quiet away from technology and let the everyday demands go.

But sometimes flying off to some wild destination may not be in the cards, so I’ve got 5 simple tips to creating your own home based retreat:
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Discover Your Passion and Natural Gifts

Have you ever wondered how to figure out your passion?

Ever hear people talk about their natural talents and skills and wonder what yours are?

Here’s the thing, discovering your passion isn’t some archeological dig.

You need to dig a little—into your story, your journey, and that thing you do that you absolutely love. It’s that thing you enjoy that  comes easily and naturally to you (And often this is why we miss it)

And it’s because it’s easy and natural that it’s a gift. A gift is a gift, it comes to us. We don’t have to force it or strain it, it flows easily to us and from us.
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