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Visualization and Visioning: What’s the Difference?

Visualization versus visioning: what’s the difference when creating your vision for your business, project or achieving your goals?

Well, every project begins as an idea—a vision.

Before the first airplane was built, there was a vision for it. Before the light bulb was invented there was a vision for it.

Every great idea begins in the mind and then manifests into form.

There’s no doubt that having a vision is cornerstone to any business, project, or goal you want to achieve.

However, there’s a difference between visioning and visualization. Both are helpful and serve different purposes.
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Marketing: The truth that could be stopping you

If you’re in business you need to get your message out (a.k.a marketing) But there are certain  tactics in marketing that are likely holding you back from achieving your dream.

Today I’m revealing the core tactic that can leave you feeling like a failure when a product or service doesn’t seem to deliver what it’s promised.

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How to Write Your About Page

When you’re creating a website—your copy (that’s the fancy lingo to describe anything written on your website) is the heart and soul of your website.  The most looked-at page on your website? That’s your About Page.   You see, as human beings, we are naturally curious creatures, and we want to learn about the person/people behind a company.

So whether your website showcases your your yoga schedule, your travel adventures,  coaching/consulting practice, or serves as a creative landscape for sharing your insights with the world: people want to know about the person behind the business/creative project.

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How Tarot Cards Can Help Your Business and Life

Today I’m sharing how Tarot Cards, also known as Oracle cards, are a helpful tool for accessing insight and support for your business and life. Plus I’ll be sharing 5 keys to help you work with Tarot and Oracle cards.

Life doesn’t always flow according to the plan we had in our mind. The other day I met one of my neighbors as she walked her dog. We started chatting about work and she said “How did I end up here—this was not the plan” and I laughed and said “Yeah, life has a mind of its own”

When things feel confusing, when we have a difficult decision to make, or we’ve had a terrible day and want some insight about what we can learn about the day’s events—in all these instances—Oracle and Tarot Cards can give us the insight, guidance and intuitive support we need to help us move forward with more ease.
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I might just be on a mission to blow the whistle on B.S Marketing, because it’s seriously killing me, and, I think it’s killing business. Weeks ago I wrote a post called Can We Quit the B.S Marketing?

Sadly, I’m not done talking about this because I keep seeing tasteless, slimy marketing, and I think we need to open a discussion about it for it to stop.  Asides for cheesy sales-copy, bad marketing is happening in the form of Webinars.

Webinars are all the rage these days in modern marketing.
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Simple mindset shift to take action with more confidence

If you’ve ever felt the pressure to be or do things a certain way, this post is for you. There’s a simple mindset shift you can try-on to move forward with more confidence and fun. This easy mind-shift? It’s a spin on the famous quote  “Life is not a dress rehearsal”

The other day it dawned on me: what if everything WAS a dress rehearsal: wouldn’t that make it easier? Wouldn’t that take the pressure off? And wouldn’t it help you tread forward with more confidence and have more fun in your business?

Think about it: The beauty of a dress rehearsal is that it’s safe to make a mistake. It’s OK to miss a line, or say the wrong thing. It’s OK to not be perfect. It’s OK to laugh in the middle of a serious scene.

Imagine you had the freedom to say what you wanted to say, in all your honesty, without feeling you had to make a good impression, say what was expected/of proper decorum/not ruffle any feathers/not seen as too much or too little or quirky/eccentric…
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What’s Your Intuition Telling You?

Intuition is not a rare quality confined for the clairvoyant few. Intuition is something we all have access to. And like any muscle, the more you decide to pay attention to your intuition the stronger it gets.

Often we look outside ourselves to find the answers. Or we’ll design a pro and con list. And yet even after all the rational equations are done, there’s a feeling, an inexplicable knowing that the seemingly illogical choice IS the better choice.

Intuition is always calm and clear, but at first glance it’s not always logical .

The only question is: do we dare to follow our intuition or do we follow the path of logic, the path that seems safer and allegedly better?
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