Tova Payne

Life Coach. Ecotherapist. Intuitive Counsellor.

How to Manifest What You Want

Is there a method to manifest what you want?

The word manifest sounds magical in its own right – as if there is an elusive nature to it. In a way the art of manifesting does include a little magic, but there are concrete things we can do. Here are three tips to help you manifest what you want:

  1. Get Clear

It sounds so simple, and yet it can be so challenging. It’s common to want something and then feel uncertain about it. Doubt creeps in. Uncertainty. We waver. This push-pull dynamic is often what keeps us stuck.

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How to Find The Balance Between Doing and Being:

Do. Do. Do. Any major city is a mirror of the DO mentality – the constant DOING. But what happens when all that DOING doesn’t lead you to your goal? What happens when all you’re doing doesn’t lead to happiness?

Is there a balance between DOING and BEING to achieving your dreams?

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Get Ready for New Years: The 6-Stage Plan that will Change Your Life

We’re about 3 weeks away to 2019. For many, now is a time of preparing for the holidays, or scrambling to close up goals for 2018.

But it’s also the perfect time to start incubating what you want moving forward. 

You can start this plan today, or you can wait until January 1st. The truth is, simply reading this article already puts you on the path of the first step of the 6-stage plan that’s research acclaimed and proven to yield the results you seek.

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A Time For Letting Go and 5 Ways to Get Through It

The Season of Letting Go is upon us. As Fall hits we’re reminded by natures’ beauty and wisdom the importance of letting go, and whether we like it or not the process is happening.

A tree never says “Don’t take my leaves away!”

The tree simply surrenders to the fact that its leaves change color and fall away to the ground…Although a dark night of winter follows, it allows the space and time for new blossoms to emerge.

Nature is our greatest teacher and just as nature releases, dies, and forms again–so do we.
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Unanchored And Free Falling

Over ten years ago I was unanchored. I’d been living in Central America and with no job, home or family I had nothing, and as Bob Dylan says “When you have nothing, you have nothing to lose.”

I took that advice to heart. In that moment of “having nothing” I realized I actually had everything. That was one of those “big turning points” and I made my way to Vancouver. I didn’t know a soul, and I lived at a hostel before I found a place to live. I slowly started to anchor into my new habitat.

They say a cat has nine lives, I might be running out of mine. But maybe us humans get more than 9 lives.

If you’re like me you might find that you’ve anchored in and out of several lives and may be finding yourself at a turning point again.
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Priorities: Choosing what’s important

Being in Choice: Choosing Your Priorities Everyday:

For the last while music’s been an ally to me. Sometimes, a song would enter my head­–A song I barely knew. I’d go on YouTube to find it and within the song was located the message or insight I had been looking for.

I came to realize that these inclinations to listen to a song was my intuition’s way of getting in touch with me.

The other day the song “The Cats and The Cradle” came into my mind. I had known the song but never heard the lyrics before until the other day.

Not only is the song heartbreaking and all-too relatable to likely one too many of us, the depth of the song goes beyond a parent to a child.
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Breaking Out Of The Comparison Trap:

Comparison: we do it in our attempt to measure “How am I doing?”

Comparison is potent since there’s pretty much no aspect of life it doesn’t have the power to touch.

Comparison is the fastest way to give your power away­–yet you can choose to retain your inner power and choose to release comparison the same way you can choose to release thoughts via meditation. [continue reading…]

36 Life Lessons

I’ve been learning a lot of lessons lately, and since I’m turning 36 I thought writing a post called 36 life lessons would be fitting (and a snazzy title 😉

So in no particular order here are 36 life lessons – Maybe when I’m 72 I’ll write another article with 72 lessons 😉 For now, here goes:

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How following your intuition leads to miracles

Intuition – It’s our gut instinct that may not always make sense.

It’s a sense we often ignore because it’s easier to doubt our intuitive sense than it is to doubt our sense of smell. taste, hearing, touch, or sight. Yet just as those core 5 senses help us survive–so does our 6th sense.

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Are you really attracting everything into your life?

In the self-help community it’s popular thought that everything in our life is a product of what we’re attracting.

In other words: every interaction and every person is a mirror of ourselves.

There’s great wisdom here and being open to this concept has its merits. But like anything in life – at its extreme this thought pattern could be detrimental.
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