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The One-Page Business Plan

The 1 page business plan:

Whether you’re starting a business or a project, it’s a good idea to set aside some time (at least once a year) to review or create/re-create your business plan. And if you aren’t starting or running a business, you can adapt this same template to help you work on any goal.

This simple one-page business plan is meant to give you direction, clarity and focus. Hang it up in your office area and refer to it whenever you need to get recharged on what you’re creating, what you’re working towards, how you’re gonna get there, and how you’ll know you’re there. (This sounds obvious but it’s easy to get lost in the details and forget that you’ve actually reached a bunch of goals or that you’ve become royally scattered!)

So here it is. I’ve also created it in a pdf.document that you can download and print off and work from Below I explain what each part of the 1-page-business plan is for.
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Knowledge Vs Growth: What it takes to create a change

“Aquiring knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing.  Growing happens when what you know changes how you live.”
~Bob Biddinger


How many times have you read an article, got inspired, and then thought, “I’ll do that later”

If you’re nodding your head it’s because that’s what the majority of people do.

We have our good intentions, we say we want to change, we even make ourselves believe we want to change–but we don’t.

So what keeps us stuck?
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Two Simple Strategies to Finding Happiness in your work and life

Today I’m sharing with you two simple strategies to finding happiness in your work and life.

I was on a retreat in Big Sur California, and one of the guests intrigued me. (I’ll call him Ted for privacy reasons)

Ted’s a 77-year old retired businessman who consulted with leading edge firms in Silicon Valley for decades.

There’s nobody I love hearing business and life advice from more than someone who’s been in the trenches for decades. Somebody with wisdom and hard-earned advice to tell it like it is.

When I asked his core advice on leading a happy and fulfilling life and business?

His answer was excruciatingly simple:

  1. You need to enjoy the journey, not just the goal.
  2. You need to let go of the script if you want to be happy.

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Making A Shift & Daring to Change Course:

Making a shift in your life and daring to change course can be scary. The uncertainty around change often relates to not knowing what’s next. The paradox: needing to figure out what’s next can stop you from seeing what’s next.

When you have multiple talents/skills/likes – it can be difficult to narrow down what your business/work focus will be.

There’s an underlying societal pressure to make a choice and clearly state “I am a…….”

In business there’s this idea of having a niche, and in work there’s an idea of choosing a career.

For many of us, this is something we’re taught at a young age. Often there’s a coercion to go to school and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life (and you’re expected to somehow know this in High School when you’re only 17 or 18…Is this not insanity!?)

The truth is, we are dynamic beings. And if you consider yourself creative, with multiple passions/things you’re fascinated in/want to explore—it’s going to be excruciatingly difficult to choose one thing and say “This is it. This is my career. Forever”

When you force yourself to be or do something that is unnatural to your nature/your soul/your being – the by-product of going against the current is friction. And friction can become agitation, frustration and depression.

For the last two years I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the wisdom from horses, a field of psychology known as equine-facilitated psychology. My fascination sharpened when I was on a retreat in Big Sur and became introduced to the work of Linda Kohanov – a pioneer in the field.

In her book The Way of the Horse she shares how depression is often a stop sign from the soul, and agitation is often a signal of incongruency /or trespassing a boundary.

When you feel forced to go against your nature and choose a career path or start a business that isn’t really you – eventually your soul will scream louder and louder to stop. This can manifest in depression, fatigue, lethargy, loss of your spark.
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An Unconventional Way to Increase Your Focus and Discipline:

This week a reader wrote in asking for help on a topic that many people can relate to: “I’m struggling with not having discipline: I often lose my focus and get distracted and even though I really want to stay determined. I just can’t keep that determination for long – Please Help”

I think we all feel this way from time to time. It’s also a question I often get, and have written about it in many ways in the past via these articles:

  1. How to beat procrastination
  2. The-power-of-focus
  3. The secret to getting-things-done
  4. Why-following-your-dreams-is-not-the-answer

Today I have another approach to share:

Start with your body.

Now, if your goal is related to your body then this tip will be a double-hitter, but let’s say you’re struggling to focus on your work, then today’s tip may surprise you.
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What a millionaire told me about marketing:

Earlier this year I shared the stage with a millionaire at a Vancouver Networking Event. We were both on stage giving talks that night, and at the end of it we started chatting. I love learning from people, and was all ears to his insights on business and marketing.
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Entrepreneurship: The Truth Nobody’s Telling You:

The truth about entrepreneurship?

If someone told you that you had to work for 2-5 years and barely get paid a dime would you do it? (And yes, I’m talking about profit. Because even if you make 10-60K/year, depending on your business there are expenses that can far outweigh the cash you bring in the door, and at the end of the day your books can close with you taking home barely a dime….And even if you take home 10-20K—in North America that’s barely enough to pay rent and food. Basically be prepared for this. Have savings. And if you luck in and make more cash than you projected for—awesome! But just know that this is quite common and you shouldn’t feel like a failure if you’re not earning money right away)
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