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The Power of Focus—What Basketball, Yoga + Business Have in Common

For some reason I’ve always been a basketball fan. I’ve loved playing it for as long as I can remember and it’s the one sport I really enjoy watching.

I’ve never played with any team, and I’ve never gone to an NBA game, but I love basketball all the same.

Despite this love, years of my life went by without playing.

A couple years ago I remembered this (have you ever forgotten or put aside one of your hobbies?) and decided it was time to get a B-ball. I went down to the courts by my house, which are conveniently overlooking the ocean, and started to play.

My game was rusty as hell. So I went on the good ol’ YouTube and started watching videos on how to make a shot.

Focal Point is Everything.

Where your eyes go the ball goes.

I was fascinated by this.

The next day I went on the court and I did a little experiment. I’d aim and shoot without focusing on the net, and I missed.

I’d give the same amount of aim and shoot and add pure dedicated focus to the net and I scored.

It was amazing—I almost couldn’t believe my own eyes.

Was it that simple? How did my eyes have that power!?

It was as if there was a magnetic pull from my eyes straight to the net that got the ball through. It felt like pure magic.

What else is fascinating is at that time I was teaching yoga and leading yoga teacher trainings and retreats, and in the yogic philosophy they talk a lot about the power of focal point.

When you are practicing a pose, there is often the teaching to “focus your gaze” and in some traditions there is even a specific place to gaze towards.

The reason for this is The Power of Focus.

The quality of focus is like a muscle. It needs to be trained.

In yoga, the poses are like a warm up for getting focused to quiet our mind and move into a meditative state so that we can clear out the clunky murky thoughts so that clarity can arise.

After all enlightenment simply means turning on the light, and in the darkness of muddled thought it’s hard to see the light (aka clarity).

This is why quieting our mind facilitates the light to shine a little brighter—inviting our mind to see more clearly after actively taking time to practice meditation. (p.s it’s impossible to do meditation wrong. If you wanna read more about that, click here and read point #3).

So in the yoga, we train our “focus muscles” while in the poses.

In meditation we are training our focus muscles. We often focus on the breath to help quiet down our thoughts.

In basketball, like all sports, in order to be a pro you need to have dedicated focus—and this is a muscle that strengthens over time.

And in the game of B ball through focusing intently on the net, you increase your odds of scoring (in my experiment those odds rose to 100% – It felt great to make that many shots ;)

In the game of business the power of focus can make or break you.

We live in a scattered time. There has never been so many gadgets and demands that are dividing our focus. Our attention span has decreased, and current technology isn’t helping.
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How to Quit Spinning Your Wheels and Drive Your Business Forward

Have you ever felt like you’re spinning your wheels and getting nowhere?

You’re taking every action that you’ve been taught and still, things aren’t moving forward the way you hoped?

Well today I’m going to share with you the exact strategy I use and share with clients on one of the BEST ways to quit spinning your wheels and move your business forward in a  way that feels good.
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The One Sales Tactic that Will Leave You Broke

I was in Mexico several years ago. As the plane touched down in the San Jose Del Cabo Airport, I was excited by the palm trees and warm dry air.

The moment we cleared immigration we were met with hustlers all around us trying to sell their cab services into the town.

One place had this ridiculous deal: Pay the $30 Cab fare. Then if you go to a Free breakfast in the morning and go through a tour of a new hotel I’d get all my money back.

The guy was basically telling us that a new hotel had opened and they simply wanted to spread awareness of the hotel and that was why they were giving this deal.

What—a free breakfast and all my cab-fare money back?

It sounded crazy, but I’d also be crazy not to take it. So my partner and I went along and the next day over breakfast we had no idea what we were in for.

We thought we were getting a tour of a new hotel.

They were trying to sell us a time-share.

When we realized this we just smiled and said oh we’re not interested.

But they were relentless. It was like the Time Share Mafia. 3 different sales people coming in one after the other trying to close us for something we didn’t want.

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An Easy Template to Write an E-book

So, you’ve been thinking of writing an e-book?

An e-book can range anywhere from 20 pages to over 200 pages!

These days many traditional paperbacks are being converted into e-books (such as the Kindle format).

E-books are great because if you’re traveling and want all your books in one place, having your fave books on an e-reader or saved to your computer is quite convenient.

However there is a new phenomenon in this online revolution of short mini e-books that are roughly 20-pages long, and full of great advice and tips.

These e-books often teach one main topic/idea – such as How to Meditate (that’s the name of the first short e-book I wrote)

And what’s great about these mini e-books is they can still be placed on Amazon’s kindle network for 99 cents or 2.99 (which is standard pricing for these short e-books) or you can turn the e-book into a pdf. download and give it away as a free gift to people who Opt-In to your e-mail newsletter.

A short 20-page e-book is fairly simple and easy to create. And since it’s digital you can always make changes to it if you decide to improve it. It’s not like a paperback where once it’s printed, that’s it, and if you want to make changes you need to create a whole new edition, with a new ISBN, and so on!

So, how do you become a part of the e-book revolution?

Decide on one topic you want to talk about. Be as specific as possible.
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The Best Lesson I Learned from Howard Stern & How I Became the Queen of Soulful Entrepreneurship

Howard Stern is a funny guy. I’ve heard his name over a decade ago but never watched anything of his until I was busy watching every YouTube video I could find on Mark Cuban (if you want amazing entrepreneurial advice I suggest you do the same ;)

Howard Stern is a controversial guy because he says the things most people would never say, especially the non p.c things.

I started watching some documentaries on him and learned a really important lesson: He took it upon himself to self-appoint himself the King of Media.

Wait – did you catch that!?

It’s not like he won some award from the International Federation of Media or some Media Oscar Award.

Hell no—he just decided “I’m gonna call myself the king of all media” And he did it as a joke, like an experiment. He figured if Michael Jackson could do it, why couldn’t he give it a try? (That’s right—who do you think was the first person to appoint Michael Jackson as the King of Pop? Yup, that’s right, it was Michael!)
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