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Writer, Teacher + Intuitive Consultant

10 Steps to Making Better Choices

Everyday we’re left with choices:

  • Will you start your day pressing snooze or sit up and meditate?
  • Will you get a doughnut or make a smoothie before leaving the house?
  • Will you approach your work with a scattered mind as you multi-task or will you close off all distractions and fully focus on one project ?

Life and work is full of choices. Some days we make better choices and some days we don’t.

In the end we hope to make better choices on the little things—because it will make it easier when you’re faced with the big things..

Some days you’ll be faced with Bigger Choices:

  • You’re asked to take a pay-cut or quit
  • You’ve given your notice, but your boss wants you to stay and offers you a raise—now you’re faced with choosing to stay for the money or follow the calling that made you want to quit in the first place…
  • A colleague asks if you’d be willing to give up one of your seminars/clients/classes to them
  • A friend asks you to teach one of their classes when you’re already feeling overbooked
  • You’re faced choosing between going to your son’s baseball game or daughter’s gymnastics practice…I couldn’t imagine how you’d negotiate that choice—but life is full of tough choices, some of them seem impossible, even unfair to make.

So how do you deal with the bigger choices?

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Change One Thing—Change Everything

Change can be overwhelming—especially when you feel like everything in your life’s fallen in a rut.

Although routine gives us structure and safety—if you fall into a routine of dullness your happiness and health will suffer. It’s easy to not do things: not go outside, not go on that walk/run, not check out that new class, or not enrol in that program you’ve been thinking about.

Inertia is a powerful force—and a body at rest will stay at rest. 

If you want to see changes in your life, whether it’s in your career, body, or relationships—start with one thing and watch everything change.

The one thing to start with today is [click to continue…]

Declutter to Manifest Abundance

Spring is around the corner calling us for a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to declutter your physical space which helps to create more inner space for fresh ideas and creativity to bloom. [click to continue…]

How Forgiveness Can Help You Manifest Prosperity

Forgiveness gets thrown around a lot—often on a surfaced level. It’s easy to talk about forgiveness, and it’s easy to repeat a mantra “I forgive.” But without doing the deeper work of forgiveness—it won’t get you far.

Life has challenging times—from being mistreated, abused, wrongfully fired, hitting the brink of bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce, disease, to death of loved ones. The longer you play on this earth the longer you are likely to face a hardship where it isn’t always so easy to say the words “I forgive you,” and mean it.

Saying the words without doing the deeper work is like cleaning a moldy bathroom. It’s not enough to clean off the surface with a spritz of cleaner. You need to get to the root of the problem—remove the mold and clean the surface!
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How to Get Unstuck

The key to getting unstuck:

Have you ever wanted two things at the same time? I remember back in my University days I used to feel like if only I could be split in two—one part of me wanted to keep travelling, and the other part wanted to finish my psych degree. In order to get unstuck—I had to find a solution that would allow all parts of me to coexist. (The solution was finishing my degree, attending a study abroad program in Mexico and saving up every penny to take additional trips during the summer)

When you feel split inside—wanting two opposite things, it makes it difficult to manifest what you want.
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The easy meditation method – a simple way to start and maintain your practice

My consistent meditation practice started in 2007–and I have a US customs officer to thank for that. I know–that sounds kinda weird, so I’ll share the story 😉

I was crossing the border from Canada to the USA and a routine question from the officer was “What’s your occupation?”

When I told him a Yoga Teacher, his reply–in a raw serious tone was “Is it true a zen master needs to meditate 10 hours a day?”

I was taken aback by his unexpected sense of humour, but all I could mumble was “um….I don’t know” He flashed a smile and let me through 😉 Certainly, one of the best, and most memorable US-customs interactions I’ve had.

And that was the day it hit me–despite having wonderful experiences with meditation, especially while attending an intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico the year before, I had not established a consistent practice. And I knew it was time (and the officer’s comment the sign!) to begin a consistent practice.
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