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Classy Vs Spammy Webinars—Let’s Quit B.S Marketing 2.0

I might just be on a mission to blow the whistle on B.S Marketing, because it’s seriously killing me, and, I think it’s killing business. A few weeks ago I wrote a post called Can We Quit the B.S Marketing?

Sadly, I’m not done talking about this because I keep seeing tasteless, slimy marketing, and I think we need to open a discussion about it for it to stop.  Asides for cheesy sales-copy, bad marketing is happening in the form of Webinars.

Webinars are all the rage these days in modern marketing.

In case you weren’t familiar a webinar is like an online class or seminar. The speaker is normally talking live (via audio or video) about a subject that would interest you, and it would be full of valuable, useful inspiring information. It’s like getting a free into-class on something you’re excited to learn about.

Often webinars open for a Q & A portion, and most of the time there is an offer at the end letting you know how you can go deeper into learning more on the subject or work one on one with the speaker.

I’ve listened to webinars that have been amazing. The whole time the speaker is giving real value: information and inspiration. The best webinars are short, sweet and to the point, maybe 30 minutes of content and then it may open for Q & A so that if you make the call live you can potentially get a great teacher/coach to answer your question, and after all that value, hearing the short sales pitch is welcome. After all, you may actually want to find out how to learn more if you found the topic super interesting!

The problem is some of these webinars are a complete waste of time.

Here’s the deal:

The whole glamour around webinars is the the fact that it’s live. This is a hot point for a lot of people. One of the reasons it is such a hot point is that most webinars open up for Q & A at the end – which is pretty cool if you get to ask a question live and get your specific questions answered.


It’s kind of like getting access to a free course.


A Webinar can be a great way to give away free information and interact with your fans, readers and potential buyers in real time.

The problem is when the webinar is twisted into a slimy spammy 60-minute sales pitch. It’s like watching a tasteless info-mercial…..For an hour!

Example 1: The speaker gives a very shallow level of information. It’s all hype and headlines with barely any real content.

It’s like being told you’re gonna get this incredible full course meal, and all you get is a small sample of the worse part of the meal (liver anyone?)

Worse, when it’s time for Q & A the speaker skirts around the issue saying “Oh I just use a lot of different things” or “you can google that” or “It doesn’t matter what I’ve done”

I mean what’s the point of Q & A if you’re not gonna answer honestly and directly?

This weekend I encountered the epitome of B.S marketing via webinar (which was the inspiration behind this post, so I guess it wasn’t a total waste of time)

This weekend I decided to listen to a webinar. The topic was supposed to be informative – it was on a subject I don’t know much about (J.V partnerships)

I’ve have heard about Joint Venture partnerships and figured, if I can learn something more than my basic understanding, then it’s worth it.


Here’s the problem, for about 45 minutes they talked in circles about the wonderful information I would learn.


They talked about how great the topic (joint ventures) was.


They went on and on how if you don’t have famous contacts and know people of influence how hard it is to get in if you don’t have a list of 10-20 000 people on your list.


On and on they went about NOTHING.

Or they’d use scare-tactics to let you know how important and difficult it was to make a J.V partnership.

Yet, they kept telling me to stick around because they will “reveal the details” of how to make it work no matter what.


Then they reveal the most basic things I already know. So basic I think a 4th grader could figure out. They spent the rest of time trying to sell me their program to be part of the inner circle of Joint Venture Partners. Are you kidding me?


That was a sleazy sales pitch. I learned nothing. Except what NOT to do when hosting a webinar.


Worse part was that the speaker was a so-called self proclaimed ethical marketer.


It’s like WalMart hiding behind “We care about going green” as they pollute the planet.



So if you’re reading this, I hope you can take away this lesson:


People are smart. We can smell B.S.


We like generosity; we can’t stand constantly being baited and hooked yet getting no fish, not even a single meal of advice.


Seriously: I do not understand how this can be considered ethical marketing.

I don’t even see how this is SMART marketing!


The whole point of the revolution of online marketing is the ability to give real value away for free since it costs next to nothing and this is how you build trust, loyalty and fans.


The long term benefit of giving away true value far supersedes any small gains you may get from the bait and hook technique of deception, reeling in with empty promises, and scarcity (Buy right now and you will get $400 off!)


Saying you’re an ethical marketer when you blatantly waste peoples time going in circles is the opposite of ethical and generous marketing.


To me this is the epitome of B.S marketing.


It’s like selling something in a pretty package and you look inside and it’s crap. Nobody enjoys that. Nobody likes to fooled. Nobody appreciates having their time wasted. Nobody enjoys being misled.

Whether something is free or paid – your actions speak louder than words.


My message, my hope, and my plea is:

If you’re going to create a 1-hour webinar, please, give real content.

Don’t spent 45 minutes talking in circles about what you will do.

Keep it simple. Give real value. Be a generous human.


Remember — it’s the inside that matters.

Let’s take it upon ourselves to revolutionize HOW marketing is happening. It begins with you. It begins with me. It’s about caring what’s on the inside as much (if not more please) than the flashy headline on the outside.

Now I want to hear from you

Are you tired of sensational headlines that don’t follow through on their promise?

Have you had a crappy webinar experience?

I’d love to hear your take on this and what you think we need to do to raise our standard of how we market in a generous and ethical way. Share Your Insights in the comments below



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Today’s post is an invitation:

It’s an invitation to go within in order to gain clarity on what’s coming next:

It’s an invitation to your soul: the stillness inside of you that feels connected to everything else

Your soul is your home—your chamber of light and creativity

And when we spin away from our center—away from our soul, we will feel:

Off balance, depressed, frustrated (more than normal) and that inexplicable feeling like something is off.

When it feels like something’s off—it’s actually a  gift:

The gift is your soul telling you that something in your life’s off balance.

It’s a sign to go within and align your actions with your hearts desire—your soul’s desire.

When you dare to go within: you can get back to your center.

How do you get back to your center?

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