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Discover Your Passion and Natural Gifts

Have you ever wondered how to figure out your passion?

Ever hear people talk about their natural talents and skills and wonder what yours are?

Here’s the thing, discovering your passion isn’t some archeological dig.

You need to dig a little—into your story, your journey, and that thing you do that you absolutely love. It’s that thing you enjoy that  comes easily and naturally to you (And often this is why we miss it)

And it’s because it’s easy and natural that it’s a gift. A gift is a gift, it comes to us. We don’t have to force it or strain it, it flows easily to us and from us.
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What Madonna Can Teach Us About Entrepreneurship

Madonna is an iconic figure and stellar entrepreneur.

Whether or not you like her music, her style, or how she goes about getting the attention she does, there’s one thing for sure: she’s always known how to break the rules of her industry, tread her own path, and dare to reinvent herself time and time again.

Madonna teaches us The Power of Reinvention: and that is the power we’re diving into today.
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7 Ways to Energize Your Business


If you want to operate your business from a place of unique innovation and honesty, you need to operate from the inside out—what I like to call soul-centric operations for your business.

There’s always a lot of  hype and buzz of the “newest thing” the  “latest and greatest”  the  “gotta have”  “must try”  —  that it’s easy to get caught up in the noise of the trends and the “shoulds.”  And when you do—it’s exhausting and throws you off course.

There is an easier way:

You can energize your business from the inside out by applying soulful practices to your business. And one of these practices comes from ancient wisdom: The Chakras.

If you’ve never heard about it before, today I’m giving a mini crash-course on the Chakras, and how this information can be used as a tool to help you make better decisions in your business and life.

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This 1 mindset-shift will change your service-based business

There’s one simple mindset shift that is crucial to understand if you’re in a service-based business:

It’s the one secret every service based business owner needs to know:

Everything is a prototype

And for some reason service-based businesses seem to have a hard time grasping this.

This is what I mean:
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An Ode to The Veil of Illusion

Circle and cycles of illusion:

Have you ever had a dream and then began to see that what you dreamed of was nothing more than an illusion?

Have you ever seen an outside not match its inside?

Have you ever experienced the veil of illusion?

And if you have, what are the feelings that emerged?

An awakening? A betrayal ? A portrait of your own shadow?
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