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The easy meditation method – a simple way to start and maintain your practice

My consistent meditation practice started in 2007–and I have a US customs officer to thank for that. I know–that sounds kinda weird, so I’ll share the story 😉

I was crossing the border from Canada to the USA and a routine question from the officer was “What’s your occupation?”

When I told him a Yoga Teacher, his reply–in a raw serious tone was “Is it true a zen master needs to meditate 10 hours a day?”

I was taken aback by his unexpected sense of humour, but all I could mumble was “um….I don’t know” He flashed a smile and let me through 😉 Certainly, one of the best, and most memorable US-customs interactions I’ve had.

And that was the day it hit me–despite having wonderful experiences with meditation, especially while attending an intensive Yoga Teacher Training in Mexico the year before, I had not established a consistent practice. And I knew it was time (and the officer’s comment the sign!) to begin a consistent practice.
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What The Buddha told me in Sedona (Take 2)

Last year I had the fortunate experience to go to Sedona Arizona for the first time. After going to the many vortexes, including the Amitabha Stupa I wrote a post called “What The Buddha Told me in Sedona” (if you missed it you can read it here)

Well, I returned to Sedona about 2 weeks ago (maybe this will end up an annual event!) and I returned to the Amitabha Stupa. This time I went up to the Buddha Statue and said “Ok, what have you got for me this time?” 


This is what I heard:
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Reflection + Review: How to make 2016 the best year yet

Reflection and Review: a time to reconsider where you’re headed, and create a vision and new plan for your path for the year ahead:


Somehow December is upon us. And that means 2015 is coming to an end. This is the perfect time for reflection, and reviewing where you’re been, where you’re headed, and what you want to create for the year ahead.

Whether it’s a hectic or quieter time of the year for you–I have an assignment for you that will take as little as a day – but give you an infinite return of insight and clarity on the year ahead.
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6 Steps to Launch Your Next Business Project

Have an idea, dream or goal you wished was reality? This article is a step by step approach to launching your next project.

Whether you’re just getting started, or have been in business for awhile but are ready to launch your next service or product, this article will give the clear steps to take you there.

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3 steps to clean up emotional clutter for more happiness

It’s a Sunday afternoon and you decide to clean the house up for the week ahead. So you sweep up your living room and within minutes you find yourself sneezing.

Ever experience that?

It’s because when you sweep up the dirt, dust rises, and as the dust enters your system your body says: “Get outta here.” Because your body’s immune system will always do its best to protect you from getting sick. The inconvenient sneeze is your body helping you – it’s stopping the toxins from entering deeper.

Well this analogy is just like what happens when you stir up emotional clutter.
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The Art of Non-Action

Several years ago, after spending months of getting the word out for a retreat, I thought to myself “I wonder what will happen if I practice the Taoist art of Wu-Wei–the art of non-action for the next one?”

Since I had already ran one successful retreat that summer, I was unattached if a second one would fly, and really – it was an experiment of the Tao principle of Wu-Wei – non-action.

So I did nothing. Asides for the retreat being listed on my website, I did not spread the word in my classes, to friends or anybody. I did not make any posters or do any marketing or promotion at all.

I thought: “Let’s see if this art of Tao works”

And you know what happened? Nothing happened.

My experiment of doing nothing taught me that The Art of Wu Wei must mean something beyond its literal naked meaning.

The Art of Non-Action

The art of non-action, also known as Wu-Wei in Taoism doesn’t mean sitting on the couch like a couch potato doing nothing and expecting clients and money to fall into your lap. That’s like visualization without action, or practicing the art of manifesting without moving beyond your affirmations and daydreams. It doesn’t yield what you desire.

Non-action has a greater meaning: it’s action that feels like non-action because you’re swimming downstream. You’re moving with the current. You’re moving from a place of joy and ease.


Joy and ease could mean you tell every person you meet about your next event: you’re so filled with excitement about it you can’t stop yourself from telling your neighbor, mailperson, and cashier at the supermarket about it.

Swimming downstream means taking the action that feels so fulfilling and energizing that it feels like you’re doing nothing at all.
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