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Oracle Reading + Clarity Session with Tova

Clarity Session:


Who This is For:

This session is about gaining clarity on a specific issue in your work and life. Take note: this is a holistic and intuitive process that integrates various techniques including breathing, meditation, coaching, oracle-readings and dream-work.

If you’ve been feeling:

  • Unsure of your life direction
  • Stuck: you can’t figure out if it’s your intuition or mind telling you what to do
  • You’ve prayed, meditated, wrote out a pro and con list and you still can’t figure out your next move…
  • You’re looking for fresh insight into your life
  • You’re looking for guidance, support, and a nudge forward to living your life with more clarity and  confidence

The Clarity Session will give you the clarity you’ve been seeking + insight on your next step


How I work with you:

We start with a grounding meditation, then the floor is yours to release whatever has been on your mind.

Then, I use my intuition and various holistic techniques including guided meditation, oracle cards, and if we’ve worked together before, we’ll often use dream interpretation too. If it’s your first time meeting with me, and you’re not familiar with dream-work but would like to learn about it, we can dedicate part of our session to learning the core techniques so that you can integrate dream-work into future sessions.

We use the above tools to access clarity in whatever problem you’re facing.  I use my intuition and coaching skills to help support you in understanding the message from the cards, your dreams, or life-events, and I help you clearly see how to take your next step forward.

Note: This is NOT a psychic session–I will not predict your future. I will support you to access your own intuition. Together we’ll create clarity in your mind and heart using the power of oracle cards, meditation, and intuitive practices to guide you forward to your next step.

Get Clarity Now:

Sessions are 1 hour  (via Skype or phone*) and include a follow up e-mail for post-session support.

  • Your investment:  1-Hour Session $110 USD  To claim your 1-hour session  Click here to proceed to checkout via secure PayPal. You can use credit, debit or your Paypal account.
  • Canadian Friendly Pricing Available Via E-Transfer: In Canada you can pay the $110 in CAD via Electronic funds/Interac e-Transfer (Write me for details)
  • Once your payment goes through you’ll receive a confirmation e-mail from PayPal (this is your receipt) and I’ll personally be in touch with you to book our session.


New Scholarship Program:

Every month I have a limited number of Reduced-Fee Sessions Available. These are not free sessions, but up to 50% off the regular rate. These are for people in honest financial need (Not because you’d rather put your money in a Kate Spade handbag or a day at the Spa 😉. If this is you—write me and tell me why you want a session, your financial situation, and what you are able to pay at this time. If I have the space available, we will book our session.


What people are saying:


“Thank you so much Tova!  You clarified all the things I’ve been questioning for awhile now and I’m really grateful for that” —Mira D. Vancouver BC


laurasoer“I absolutely loved my session with Tova.  Even though I’m great at giving clarity to others, when it comes to myself it’s difficult to stay objective. I was really looking for someone who could reflect with me and help me get clear on my own products and services and help me step up. We came to the core quickly and Tova gave me so many nuggets of gold, that I left our session feeling high as a kite on enthusiasm. I have already started putting her suggestions in action. Having this renewed clarity on my own services is great and I’m sure that it will translate itself into growing my revenue and the client group I serve.”
-Laura Soer from Moonhousetarot.com


“Working with Tova has been nothing short of amazing. As a new entrepreneur and business owner, there are many unknowns. Fear, self-doubt and uncertainty are all part of the process… but they don’t have to be a burden. Tova helps to work with you through the challenges to gain clarity and focus to move forward with integrity in a very grounded way. After each session, I left feeling light, reassured, and ready to take on whatever life had in store for me. Thank you Tova for the guidance – I truly feel like our sessions have boosted me to where I need to be”
-Jamie Lee Mock, Business Owner of MoonBrewTonic.ca Vancouver BC,



asha“Thank you Tova! I’m still feeling the after-effects of awe from our session yesterday. A very honest and enlightening experience. Your ability to compel authenticity and guide with sincerity is truly unique.”
-Asha Talbert, Actor, Writer, Producer



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*phone is available within North America. Skype is available worldwide and is free. Download Skype to your computer at skype.com