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Soulful Entrepreneurship

Soulful Entrepreneurship By Tova Payne

All New Book Release: Soulful Entrepreneurship by Tova Payne:


“Even though I am not a “business” person, I find that your “7 spiritual principles” goes to the core of the human spirit. You write the words that can make me a better person. Thank you for enlightening my mind… my spirit” –John Chavez



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“This book inspires. The stories, experiences and practices offered are all relevant and engaging. It’s like a companion on the entrepreneurial journey. And with the questions to consider, and meditations, it’s equally a workbook laying out a roadmap people can journey with. The author’s voice is authentic and grounding, and the writing style made it easy to keep motivated to keep reading. I read it in one go – ‘nuf said! I’d recommend it to anyone starting a holistic business, in business, or looking for spiritual growth on the creative path”
–Sara Gebriel,  Senior Educator at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition, Vancouver, and Founder of Present Health


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“Having worked with many business students struggling through their MBA program, I really wish that the 7 steps to soulful entrepreneurship discussed in this book were actually part of the MBA curriculum. This book invites you to explore a deeper, more personal side of business. Finally, the world of spirituality and business get acquainted in this step-by-step guide written through the heart, soul and expertise of a female entrepreneur who has herself traveled the journey of soulful entrepreneurship. Written from the perspective of Tova’s own soulful journey, life experiences, wisdom and knowledge we are provided with a 7-step, easy to follow guide outlining what may be the most challenging – yet rewarding-contribution to a successful business; soul.”
–Fanie Zis, Career and Student Advisor


This book redefines Entrepreneurship and asks you to go inside yourself  to discover your innovative creative core.

Creation is a human need, and when we create from within – from that place deep inside, also known as the soul, we find ourselves fulfilled and uplifted.

Entrepreneurship can be the tool to fulfilling our innate need to create, and be the gateway of inviting your inner voice and sacred creativity to be unleashed and shared.

It’s common to get caught up in the marketing rules–what you think you should do to be successful. In the process you may find that you lose touch with your soul and the truth of why you wanted to be in business in the first place.

Especially in the rambunctious, fast-moving online world–where every day there’s a new app and hot social media platform to jump on – it’s far too easy to get caught up in the details and forget the creative soul of your work.

For the intuitive, empathic, sensitive entrepreneur, it can all feel like too much–leaving you overwhelmed, burned out, stressed out, tired, and passionless. What at one time drove you forward is lost, and when this happens, it means you’ve lost the soul to your business and creative work.

The answer to success and fulfillment is a return to soul.

If you’ve ever felt:

  • Am I doing enough?
  • Am I doing it right?
  • What path should I follow?
  • If this is my path why am I struggling so much?
  • Am I on track?
  • How do I know what advice to take?

…If you’ve ever felt lost on your business or career journey, scared to start your dream project, feel stuck in what you’ve built, or unsure how to bring more of who you are into your business and creative pursuits, Soulful Entrepreneurship gives the 7 spiritual principles to help you navigate the journey.

These 7 spiritual principles will help you return to your soul: the spark of your creativity and help you fall back in love with your business or find the love of a new business or creative pursuit.

The 7 spiritual principles will help you feel:

  • Connected
  • Calm
  • Confident
  • Excited
  • Inspired
  • Motivated to Action

When you operate from the soul you’re guaranteed to create fulfilling, original work that reaches the right people.

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Soulful Entrepreneurship By Tova Payne



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