Tova Payne

Writer, Teacher + Consultant

4 Things To Do When Things Fall Apart:

The Divine Slam– when everything seems to fall apart at the same time. Even if it’s one thing, if it’s a Big Deal (like the ending of a relationship or job) can feel so heavy that it feels like everything else is coming down with it.
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6 Ways to Awaken Your Intuition Today

“The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift” ~A Einstein

Mark Divine tells the story—when he was in combat training as a Navy Seal he heard the words “move.” There was nobody around telling him that. The voice was in his head.

Luckily he moved, or he would have got shot by a mistakenly fired bullet from a comrade in training.

The voice of our intuition doesn’t always come down to life or death…..but in a deeper sense it does.

We may not be faced with physical bullets, but if we don’t listen to the voice of our 6th sense – we’ll end up down a path that can feel like death to our spirit.
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How to Let Go of Fear:

“Any choice made from fear is a violation of the energy of faith” –Caroline Myss

Feeling the brush of fear course through your body when you’re walking in a poorly lit sketchy neighbourhood is a gift of protection.

But most fears do not protect us. They stop us from living a joy-filled abundant life that lies beyond the shackles of our fears.
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The Upside to Your Negative Feelings

Feelings hold truth. You can’t fight someone on their feelings. You may not agree with their point of view but  feelings are not up for debate. Feelings are raw data.

If you’ve ever been told “You shouldn’t feel that way” (Which most of us are told at some point, often in our earliest stages of life) – it takes away from our ability to honour all our feelings.

Ultimately, it’s our feelings that help us navigate life with more harmony, wisdom, and ease.
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How to Know When to Quit

When to quit vs. When to stick with it:

Determination, perseverance and trust are pillars on any journey, especially the creative journey when you’re creating something from nothing. Whether you want to create a new app, become a doctor, or write a book—all these things take time, and often involve days when we’re not in the mood of doing what needs to be done. Quitting would kill the dream.

“Don’t quit – you’re just 3 feet from gold” is a famous saying from Napolean Hill. Les Brown tells the story of his persistence to get a radio gig. He’d walk in everyday to the studio asking for a job. Every day he was told there is no job. Eventually the owner took him on. Persistence is powerful.

But what about when quitting is the right thing to do? What about when quitting is the very thing that will bring you closer to your dream?
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