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Eat Think & Live Rich:  a Guide to Health and Happiness:

Eat Think and Live Rich

“Thank you Tova, for creating such a useful book. I’m glad to recommend it to anyone seeking to live a healthier life, and in need of practical tools to make it happen”
– Dr. Joseph Mador, MD.



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This is one of the most comprehensive guides to healthy and happy living. It is far more comprehensive than most of the popular health/wellness style books out there. What this book does that so many others do not, is connect the importance of the mind and body in the context of healthy eating and behaviors. At the crux of healthy living is decision making and Eat Think and Live Rich acknowledges the struggles that get in the way of making the best choices and spells out how to conquer those barriers. This is one of the most comprehensive guides to healthy and happy living that I’ve come across in quite some time.”
– Dr. Rajeev Kurapati, MD.  unboundintelligence.com




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The 4 sections in the book are:

• 8 keys to nutritional success—achieve your ideal weight, double your energy, create beautiful radiant skin, and more…All through simple tweaks to your daily diet
• The most common health challenges and how food can support healing
• 10 strategies to bust through your blocks when it comes to making the changes
• 10 practices that lead to more connection, freedom, and fulfillment

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And here is what people have been saying so far:

“This book was so refreshing. It’s the most understandable book I have read on Nutrition. I felt like Tova was sitting beside me having a conversation and helping me figure out what to eat, and how to tackle the challenges that have been such a struggle for me. I loved how this whole book was categorized. It made it so easy for me to understand things in a step-by step way, and I can flip to the things I want to know about right now to help me out. It’s a book that can stay with me everyday in my purse so I can have it with me at all times. It’s also a great shopping tool! It helps me figure out what to buy when I go food shopping. Everyone who wants to change their lifestyle should have a copy of this book”
– Angie Chiavatti.


“If you are looking for practical solutions to making long lasting changes to your overall health, this is the book for you. Tova identifies roadblocks to a healthy lifestyle and then provides the steps in a structured way to help you achieve your goals for a healthier lifestyle and state of mind.”
– Raz D.


“The author of this book is a good friend, and I’d probably write a review for her no matter what cuz she’s so awesome. BUT this review is what I’d write even if I’d never met her. I think it could help a lot of people change who try and get nowhere or change then backslide. Reading it sure helped me untangle a lot of my own mental messes.

This book stands out in the following ways:

–It goes beyond trends, beyond the next superfood, for example, to “evergreen keys” which are timeless in their healthy effects
–it tells you not just WHAT to change but HOW to make the change
–it gives you the right foods to eat, but also the practices that go with it, meaning h to how make the mental shifts that make up the changes
–instead of talking about the relationship between the mind vs. body, it goes from outside (body) to inside (core self) and how these layers are integrated
–it helps you find your “unique starting point,” the right place to start, based on where your habits and lifestyle currently are
–it helps you deal with setbacks
–how to deal with lack of time and money to make the changes
–using exercise as “ambition fuel” and not just a prerequisite for a healthy body
–writing, visualization, relaxation, meditation: how they can work for you
–finally, you’re encouraged to sometimes “go beyond,” to imagine meeting goals and intentions that are outside your current scope of practice– not only as inspiration, but to help shift your thinking

This is a book that can really help you get closer to your dream self and maybe even expand your idea of what that dream self can actually be. Can’t recommend it enough.”

– Tina Foster of fosterandflourish.com



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