Create a Dream Retreat—Full Program Details

Do you want to add more fun to your business, create a greater impact, all while getting paid + feeling like you’re on vacation?  
Well…That’s a Retreat

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Registration Closed. I sold the course from 2013-2017 for $297: It included videos and a manual. Im not sure when I’ll reopen it. BUT because I’ve been asked So Many times for the Manual, I am now selling the manual for $49. Why so cheap? I don’t know. But I am – so take the deal! 🙂 If you are interested in the Manual Only (Which is Very Comprehensive and takes you step by step through the 12 keys – click here for checkout – only $49 USD)


If you want to host a retreat but you’re not sure where to start—I’ve got you covered:

I know how exciting a retreat can be, and I also understand the overwhelming feeling of not even knowing where to start!

That’s why I created this complete digital program for you: so that you can plan, launch + host your retreat with confidence.

As a traveler, adventurer, and entrepreneur I’ve been leading retreats since 2007, and I’ve helped others set up their retreats. You’re in good hands because everything I’m teaching comes from first-hand experience.


If adding a retreat to your offerings is on your dream-list—this program is for you.

The Build Your Own Retreat Course™ is the first, most comprehensive retreat-building digital course on the market.This course walks you through every detail—so that you know exactly what to do to create an incredible retreat experience.


miche2“I was very grateful for your program: it was informative, detailed, and helped me think deeper about retreats—things I never would have thought of on my own!  I enjoyed the videos, worksheets and the bonus tips were very helpful—as was chatting with you! Thank You Tova—you’ve put together a great program for anyone looking to do a retreat. You’ve got the experience under your belt and it shows” —Michelle Holland McReavy from


If you dream of a working vacation, making money doing what you love, but feel unsure about:

  • Where to start
  • How to create the right schedule
  • What to charge and how to figure out your profit goals + budget
  • How to know if you’re getting a good deal when booking a facility, and when the financial risk is too risky for your biz (this alone can save you thousands of dollars from making the wrong choice!)
  • How to figure out the perfect location
  • How to market and attract the perfect clients to your retreat
  • The legal and policy issues you need to be aware of

Then this program is for you. This program is a step by step guide and it will walk you through everything so that you can feel confident about your retreat.


JenCasano “The Build Your Own Retreat program is a comprehensive guide, that really takes you step by step from vision to execution. Tova’s program has given me the confidence to create a retreat schedule based on an experience I want my participants to have, while taking care of myself. Tova educates us on all aspects of the retreat building process, from the feeling you want your retreat to have to understanding your financial goals, whether it’s to gain experience or to make a profit at the end . Even covering the importance of policies, terms and conditions and legal considerations that are easily overlooked. I loved the 12 Keys that Tova created and will definitely be using this for events as well as future retreats. This program is actionable, and Tova doesn’t leave anything out. Don’t plan a retreat without her. This program is everything you need!” 
– Jen Casano, Health Coach

By the end of this program you will feel + have:

  • The confidence to host your retreat
  • Peace of mind that you’re making the right decisions in your retreat planning
  • Feel secure about your booking decisions (which can save you hundreds, even thousands of dollars from making the wrong choice!)
  • Saves you hours of your precious time in dead-end research as you try to figure it all out on your own
  • You’ll be completely organized with every detail in place
  • The freedom to share your passion in a magical destination—Can we say Fun!? Yes you can earn $$ doing what you love
  • The ability to create a meaningful and memorable experience for others
  • You’ll be ready to launch your retreat knowing you’ve taken care of every detail


Gina-Gomez      “I’ve hosted a number of retreats for clients and I know what it takes to make it look effortless. Tova covers every step in detail to make sure it’s not only successful, but keeps clients coming back for more. I highly recommend it!”

– Gina Gomez, Certified Life & Business Coach, Founder of What Moves You Coaching


I walk you through every detail + every step as you dream up, think through, plan, and deliver your retreat.


More Specifically—In This Program You Will Learn:

  • The 12 Keys to building your dream retreat
  • How to attract your dream clients to your retreat
  • Figuring out the perfect location and date
  • Discover the perfect size for your retreat and how long your retreat should be
  • The questions you must ask before you book a retreat facility and how to know if you’re getting a good deal
  • How to budget for your retreat—every detail you need to be aware of
  • What to charge: I walk you through a specific process to find the perfect price for your retreat.
  • How to create the  schedule and structure for your retreat.
  • 3 Must Do’s for your retreat: You don’t wanna go without these 3 things!
  • The added touches that make your retreat an unforgettable experience: leaving your attendees feeling relaxed, refreshed, and  excited to tell their friends about it!

As you can see, we cover everything! This program is designed for you to do easily at your own convenience.

It is delivered digitally in an easy DIY (do-it-yourself) learning format. You’ll receive all the content the moment your payment is processed.



Here are more details on the course-layout and exactly what you’re gonna get:

    • A comprehensive digital pdf. manual that walks you through the 12 steps to building your dream retreat. From start to finish—every detail is touched upon to make sure you feel confident and clear on exactly what to do as you build your retreat.

Get The Manual Now: Click Here to proceed to checkout.

After payment goes through via secure paypal you will get a link with instant access to download your digital manual


susanschenk       “Tova’s Retreat Builders Program offers you the steps you need to take to plan an incredible retreat. Tova has the ‘insiders’ experience, to let you know what it’s like to be on a retreat …and what it’s like to run a retreat. She offers you insights into the financial part of this adventure and the decisions you really need to make before you dive into the details of planning the retreat itself. This course helped me see the small details that no one would even think about until they had experienced running a retreat—and that’s the gem of this course! I loved the videos, workbook, and the bonuses were wonderful! I also loved our Skype session—you confirmed what I was thinking about for my retreat, and you helped me see a number of things in my business overall which was really helpful—thank you Tova!  If planning a retreat is in the future of your business, then you need to invest in this program to make sure you cover all areas of the retreat—to ensure you and your clients have the best experience possible.”

–Susan Schenk, Owner of

PHOTO OF SUSAN“Tova, this course is AMAZING!!! First of all I just want to say your content is AWESOME, I learned SO much! I also think your checklist and added resource bonuses were super cool too. Especially the waivers and examples you gave. I LOVE anything that makes me have to do less research and makes the process easy and quicker for me, and you’re program has given me every resource I could need and more than I ever thought I would need!I really enjoyed watching the videos, it made the program easy to digest, engaging, and, as a creative it felt so clear and easy to understand.  You’re a great teacher! I’m happy to recommend this course to anyone thinking of building a retreat. It will give you everything you need. Thanks Tova!”
–Susan Ferraro Manifestation & Mindset Strategist,


tina-web  “You have not only told us what to do, but HOW to do each of the “what’s.” Furthermore, you help us get grounded before planning, by looking into our deeper motivations, WHY we are planning this retreat, what we want from it and want to give our attendees. And you guide us through a thorough journey of imagining WHO our attendees are demographically, but on a deeper level as well, so we can really provide them with a rich experience that seems to unfold their every wish. And you even help us figure out the tone of the retreat, again, this is the magic that enhances all the practical decisions and organizational planning. This is a great course, but also a great reference to return to over time.”
– Tina Foster Yoga and Meditation Guide, and Retreat Leader,


desi profile bw“I decided to take Tova’s Dream Retreat program, because I have been thinking about planning a creative retreat for a while now and wasn’t really sure where to start. I had started an outline of what I wanted to include in my program, but that was as far as I got. Now that I have Tova’s program in my hands, I can say that I feel organized and have a sense of which direction I want to go with planning a retreat.

She takes you step-by-step, through all of the things you need to think about in order to host the perfect event that will attract the people you’d like to work with, as well as, help you think about the deeper purpose behind WHY you want to hold a retreat and how you could set up a tone and environment that your ideal guests will enjoy.

Everything is covered, from brainstorming and planning, to covering the type of retreats you’d like to lead, to costs and hiring help. The videos and the worksheets were very handy, and everything was laid out in a logical manner, making it easy to digest.

What I love the most is that I could take the material I’ve learned to develop any type of retreat or workshop, even if it is a completely different theme and location. Thank you Tova!! I appreciate you sharing your professional retreat experience with me, and I am sure to use the program as a solid reference of planning for the years to come!!”
-Desiree East, Designer/Visual Artist/Creativity Coach from

This program is for you if:

  • You’ve been thinking of hosting a retreat & want to make sure it’s right for you
  • You’ve been dreaming of hosting a retreat and want to make sure you’re doing it right, and have every detail in place
  • You’re heartfelt in your business and you care about creating something spectacular + meaningful
  • You’re willing to put in the work—actually engage in the program

This program is NOT for you if

  • You’re unwilling to do the work.
  • You hate conversational copy. You only want to read something from a professor, and if you see the word “gonna” you’re gonna get kinda ticked off
  • You hate hearing about how your intuition can help you make decisions along with logical thought-processing



Create Your Dream Retreat


Get The Manual Now: Click Here to proceed to checkout.

After payment goes through via secure paypal you will get a link with instant access to download your digital manual

Tova’s been hosting retreats since 2007 and has helped others create their retreats too. She’s a lifetime lover of travel, freedom and adventure. For more About Tova Please Click HERE

***I do not give tax advice. However I suggest that you speak to your accountant and find out if you can use this purchase towards your deductions.