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Client Success Stories

“I wakatie-webs a little nervous before signing up, but decided to take the plunge. I am so happy I did. Tova coaches with passion, kindness, and sincerity, so you know that you are always working with someone who really cares about your experience and genuinely wants to see you succeed. Since working with Tova I have more energy and strength, and have started teaching, which is something I was hesitant about before. I really appreciated how quickly and thoroughly she got back to me, and her ability to draw out issues and opportunities from simple conversations and email exchanges. If you are feeling stuck, confused, overwhelmed, nervous, hesitant, or just aren’t sure where to start, Tova will help you identify the steps you need to take to get you moving forward, and then empower and support you to do the work. She also helps you identify blocks or concerns that may be holding you back, and helps you move through them so that you can really get off the ground without any distraction or hesitation. By the end of our time together, I had hit the ground running and was doing things with ease that I had no idea how to get started on before we were working together. It is worth the time and investment because you know that she will sincerely invest her time and herself in helping you move closer to where you need to be.”
-Katie Tribe Vancouver BC



aime-web“This program has been absolutely amazing for me! At first I had my doubts that I could possibly be motivated long distance through email communication, but it turned out that Tova was incredibly motivating to me and I really felt like I was held accountable. I have been recommending this program to everyone who will listen to me, my family, neighbours and friends. It is one of the best thing that has happened to me!  Tova cared about me as a whole. She helped me learn how to meditate so that I could relax as well as think more clearly and become more efficient with my day. She encouraged me to take time for myself to unwind as well as to enjoy my hobbies. Thank you Tova! If you are motivated to change than I highly recommend working with Tova”
-Aimee Orton, Calgary Alberta


“Thank You Tova—I’m so glad I enrolled. At first  I wasn’t sure if I would have the time to devote to the program. Thankfully I committed, because this program has been very valuable. Your teachings are gentle and powerful and the exercises supported me to gain clarity, focus, and energy to move my dream forward. The program helped me prioritize and identify steps I needed to take to turn my dream into reality. I feel empowered as I move forward. Your exercises supported organizing my schedule so I am working more efficiently on not just creating my dream, I am finding time to focus on a balance of self-care, home, career and creativity. I feel more focused, organized, energized, trusting, and present. I enjoyed the clear powerful focus of each of the 4 modules. Your personal and professional balance in writing and on the calls was perfect. Thank you for all the added bonuses, they really enriched this program. I continue to make and enjoy your recipe for energizing green drinks. This program far exceeded my expectations, and I highly recommend it”
-Lynn Blankinship Tucson Arizona



asha“Thank you Tova! I’m still feeling the after-effects of awe from our session yesterday. A very honest and enlightening experience. Your ability to compel authenticity and guide with sincerity is truly unique.”
-Asha Talbert, Actor, Writer, Producer





“Working with Tova has been nothing short of amazing. As a new entrepreneur and business owner, there are many unknowns. Fear, self-doubt and uncertainty are all part of the process… but they don’t have to be a burden. Tova helps to work with you through the challenges to gain clarity and focus to move forward with integrity in a very grounded way. After each session, I left feeling light, reassured, and ready to take on whatever life had in store for me. Thank you Tova for the guidance – I truly feel like our sessions have boosted me to where I need to be”
-Jamie Lee Mock, Business Owner of MoonBrewTonic.ca Vancouver BC,




ellie-web“As a coach, Tova has the ability to hold space and make you feel supported. Her ability to draw out teachings from simple interactions and call them to action is a gift. My shift truly came through exercises and contemplation that she had tasked me with to discover a brighter and more refined me. I am forever grateful for the work we have done together.”
-Ellie McMillan, Studio Owner leadfromyourheartyoga.com Perth, Ontario



roseanne   “I was feeling a little hesitant before our session. I was nervous about judgement, exposure, and whether I’d be able to be really honest with you, and myself. But, you made me feel at ease. Thank you for your incredible listening skills. You have this ability to discern the underlying issue and guide a person to become aware of it without spelling it out in black & white. I am already feeling the changes, and others are seeing it too! My co-worker today commented that I appear more focused on taking better care of myself. I would recommend you to everyone—even those who seem to have it all together, and know where they are at in life etc…I would tell anyone considering a consultation with you to jump in with both feet, no fear, arms wide open and just answer things as truly as you can. Thank You Tova for your encouragement, guidance, and support.”
-Roseanne Shannon, Burnaby BC



yuki“Tova has the midas touch.  She can tweak your thinking in just the right places so that not only is your business flowing better but you are making progress without having it feel like work.  
It’s like unleashing a dam.  Suddenly everything falls into place.  It just makes so much sense and you wonder why you were struggling the whole time.  She shuffles the components so that it’s all a streamlined whole.  She hears you and she’s always right there with you where you are stuck. I get on a high after I talk with her.  Don’t be fooled by her nonchalant approach.  Tova will help you get your business right.”
—Yuki Sato from younique-you.jp/home.html



“Before working with Tova I felt like I had no confidence with myself, and my business. I was unclear about what I wanted to do with my nutrition training, and I didn’t know where to start. Working with Tova changed all of that. I’m more confident now that I can help other people through my business, and I’m more confident talking to other people too. During the mentorship I became clear about my business and where I want it to go, and I was able to move my business forward, which was really exciting, and I’m still excited to keep moving forward from here. The best part was really the change in my confidence. Not just for my business but for my life in general.  You helped me see what I CAN do, and I learned a lot about myself through the process. Thank you for helping me! I didn’t only gain knowledge and clarity about my business but I also learned a lot of things about myself that helped me as a person”
– Emilia Jocson, Registered Holistic Nutritionist, Vancouver BC



laurasoer“I absolutely loved my session with Tova.  Even though I’m great at giving clarity to others, when it comes to myself it’s difficult to stay objective. I was really looking for someone who could reflect with me and help me get clear on my own products and services and help me step up. We came to the core quickly and Tova gave me so many nuggets of gold, that I left our session feeling high as a kite on enthusiasm. I have already started putting her suggestions in action. Having this renewed clarity on my own services is great and I’m sure that it will translate itself into growing my revenue and the client group I serve.”
-Laura Soer from Moonhousetarot.com





luly-web“Tova is an amazing coach. She finds the best in people and provides guidance and specific tools that help you turn your dreams into reality.Her Coaching Program has given me clarity; it has helped me create a vision and understand the steps I have to take in order to get where I want to be. Each of her Coaching Modules contain invaluable information and assignments that day by day continue shaping my passion into a successful yoga business plan. Tova’s work is always inspiring and from the soul. Tova: Thank you for sharing all your knowledge, inspiration, creativity and intuition – Thank you for changing my life!
-Luly Garza of www.lulygarza.weebly.com Mexico



kari-34“Tova, I am so grateful – our session yesterday was both educational and inspiring.  Today, I have a clearer vision of my goals and how to achieve them.  Your vast knowledge and deep intuition made this session so meaningful for me.  Even after distilling my session notes down into pure nuggets of wisdom that I needed to keep, I still filled three pages in my journal (in bullet form!) and we met for less than an hour!  A truly valued experience that I will surely be reflecting on for years to come.”
-Kari, Vancouver BC




Taylore-Photo-2015-b-281x300“I consulted with Tova on a business matter, and am amazed at how much value I received. She has a wealth of experience in media relations and the ins and outs of social networks, and her insight and practical suggestions were priceless. I walked away with a step by step plan to move my business forward. She was a pleasure to work with.
-Taylore Daniel from Tayloredaniel.com Vancouver BC





Life Coach“I really enjoyed our session and thought that you asked helpful questions to help me clarify how and when I will create, market and deliver my course. I also loved the Course Creation Starter Kit: it asked specific questions that helped me look at my course from different angles. I knew what I wanted to teach in my head, and your starter kit and our meeting together helped me take action: finally write it, edit it, and be ready to discuss it. For me it’s priceless to have someone to discuss my ideas with. Most importantly, I absolutely adore you and appreciate your approach of following intuition/alignment and really getting clear that the action feels good before taking it. I know that your presence and wisdom will benefit many people who are creating their courses! Thanks Tova”
–Lana Shlafer Life Coach and Mastermind Facilitator at LanaShlafer.com




danielle“I was really resisting writing my About Page, even though I know it’s such a vital piece of my online presence. Happily Tova came to the rescue with her brilliant exercises and suggestions. Her material actually made the process fun, and really easy. I loved the breakdown of what readers want to know – and why, as well as all the different ways of finding my unique voice and telling my story. The step-by-step process made a daunting task much more do-able and much less scary. In fact, I was so inspired by the exercises, that I threw way all my old drafts and just wrote a few quick words, straight from the heart. I’m so much happier with this and I think it does a great job of summing up what I’m about.  It’s such a relief to finally feel good about my About page!  Now I’m proud and happy to direct people to my website – which is definitely good for business!  Thank you, Tova!”
– Danielle Raine, England – Creativity Coach at danielleraine.com



“WPHOTO OF SUSANorking with Tova was so empowering and refreshing!! Her intuition is on point, but she also follows it up with practical advice that will help you get the results you’re after. She eased my fears and showed me how to make things less overwhelming for myself. I walked away from our session feeling inspired, motivated and very grateful!!”
–Susan Ferraro Manifestation & Mindset Strategist Coach from susanf.com



tina-web   “Coaching with you was exactly what I needed—somebody to bounce ideas off of to get out of my own confusion and self-made blocks. I love how you immediately gave me some concrete tools and solutions that I can start implementing right away. After our call I immediately felt less isolated and more inspired. Thank you for being so earnest in your service and you’re really the best. Thank You Tova!”
-Tina Foster www.fosterandflourish.net San Francisco



alex-webEvery time I have a coaching session with Tova, I leave feeling empowered, clear and ready to take my next step to enhancing my business. Tova – thanks for your amazing business sense, intuition, clarity, and helping me on my path to growing my yoga business venture”
-Alexandra Rodrigues Owner of Yatra Yoga



jcrstudios_dec2010_281_022“As a solopreneur, I understand that we all hit blocks in our business and in order to get over the hump we need to reach out and get support. I’d recommend your coaching to anyone wanting to take their business to the next level. Your support was both practical and intuitive which makes for a richer perspective and experience. Thanks Tova!”
-Jaqueline Rimmer Owner jcr-studios.com



denise“Before my session with you I was hopeful and curious about the guidance I would receive. Since our session I feel a renewed sense of worthiness, capability and clarity. You helped me prioritize what was most important, and your gentle push helped me finish my project. For someone like me who wants everything done all at once, it is easy to get stuck in overwhelm and inaction. Your guidance to complete one specific project was just what I needed. Thank you for being so clear, supportive, understanding and direct. I appreciate how at ease I felt while talking to you—it felt natural and light and incredibly valuable. Tova—you’ve been pretty darn awesome! Thank you for your gracious help.”
-Denise Dare, Owner of denisedare.com California, USA



cecile   “I was feeling overwhelmed, confused and scared about my business and I knew it was time to speak to a Coach. After talking to Tova I felt empowered – I had the clarity I was looking for and I felt supported. I left the session with Aha’s for my business and got so much value in our short time together. To all my heart-centered entrepreneurial friends: Listen to Tova! Tova- YOU ROCK my socks off! Thank You”
—Cecile Weigle, Lifestyle Coach

andrea     “Thank you Tova for being such a stable and constant pillar. You have always been there since the 1st time I met you in my teacher training, offering strength and wisdom and support. I really appreciate you! xo”
-Andrea Prior, BC, Canada



“Since working with Tova I am more focused in my work, feel happier in my life, and overall I’m more relaxed, confident and at peace. Her Dream-Builders Course helped me become present, at peace, and I am able support the people in my life in a better way. Even my friends have seen the difference in me! They have commented that I am more relaxed and at peace – not so burdened. At work I have taken on more of a role as a trainer—creating manuals and speaking at lunch and learns on how to prepare applications. My coworkers have noticed how much more approachable I am and how well I explain how things should be done. I don’t “react” to the negative the way I used to, and I’m feeling happier, and finding happiness in the small things. I enjoyed everything about the course and the online coaching—the PDFs and the audio files. The coaching call was great and I enjoyed the homework. I like being able to review the PDFs just to get centered and refocused when I feel I am off track. Thank You Tova, I would recommend this course to anyone looking for a lift in their life. We all get a little lost now and then especially with such busy lives (kids, work, volunteering). It’s good to have a mental check-up once in a while, and to touch base with what’s important. I am grateful for the opportunity and experience that this course and your coaching provided”
–Andrea O. Legal Assistant, BC Canada.


“Your coaching and The Course in Dream Building have been great, and I have noticed changes in my perspective on the journey towards my goals. This program helped me demystify the “etheric” concepts and bring things down to earth, so that I felt more comfortable, clear and capable in growing my dream. I had the most Aha’s during the recordings, and I enjoyed them a lot, largely because it built upon the modules, but also, because audio is easy to digest. I recommend this course because it helps you get out of a challenging pattern, and move into a more fruitful, positive, and confident pattern. This course is a method to establish healthy patterns and work ethics towards your goals that last long after the course is done. But the best part of the course was you! You are awesome! You are such a refreshing, clear person to communicate with and your level of communication is not easy to find. You are a very lighthearted person who is grounded in the reality that is human existence. You are realistic, practical and you understand the metaphysics of faith, intention, prayer, and love. Thank you for supporting me through this journey, and I definitely recommend this course if you are looking for practical and spiritual steps to build your dream”
–Mark Elder Vancouver BC


“Thank you for an amazing coaching session. I gained a new sense of peace and inner confidence that I truly can begin to create my dream business. Before our session I felt anxious, overwhelmed and not sure what to do next with my business. Spending time with you enabled me to see the big picture, and provided me with realistic small steps I could take immediately. The time we spend together was incredibly valuable on a practical level but also on an emotional level. It was fabulous to receive support and acknowledgement for what I was already doing and what was possible for the future. I highly recommend booking a session with Tova.”
-Nicole Haley, Vancouver BC


“I enrolled in your coaching program because I was looking for clarity which is something that has been challenging for me. I enjoyed the set-up of the course which was easy to follow, and I was inspired to take action on my goals. I feel more energized, focused, and have a plan to work with. I also started to feel like nothing is unreasonable or unattainable to achieve. Even though I had some tough times, I now know that I can make it through. There were several simple but brilliant ideas I had never thought about on my own, which has given me a fresh perspective and an exciting place to work forward to on my dream. Since completing this program I feel a lot clearer, confident and that I have made some real steps forward in my dream. I also enjoyed the community aspect of the program; it was nice knowing I wasn’t the only one going through this. I also appreciated the personal follow-ups and care. I would definitely recommend this program for anyone looking for deeper clarity and taking action to fulfill their dreams. Thanks Tova!”
-Kate Lindsey BC Canada


“Tova is a very experienced teacher. Meeting with Tova ha been a very worthwhile investment.In a few short sessions, I have already learned so much from her coaching skills. Tova takes great care to understand what things you want and need to improve on and makes sure to coach you on those things. I highly recommend her!”
-Sheila Hayre, Vancouver BC


“I just read through this morning’s newsletter and I must tell you, it’s really lovely-like receiving a gentle, kind reminder and word of support along the way. What’s quite fabulous is your offer of suggestions are entirely doable and “small” – and by small I mean possible, as opposed to Change Your Whole Life Right Now. Thank You for your free newsletters, It’s uplifting to receive.”
-Karin, Vancouver BC


elena“Tova, I think I said it before, but I really love your newsletters. So often they seem to be such serendipitous timing with what I am thinking about most in my life. This one especially. So thank you, because I just read this and had a big positive breakthrough on a thing I have been worrying about a lot lately. :)”
-Elena Swift Brisbane Australia



“Tova was excellent and very instrumental in helping me achieve my goals. She was also very patient and helpful in understanding what my needs and goals were and she put together a program that really worked for me. Thanks Tova!”
-Kin Ng, Vancouver BC