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How to Get Clients and Create a Successful Business

This week is our very last episode of the 2 month What It Takes to Succeed in Business Series.

For our final week, I have a guest that I am so excited about.

Jenny Shih is one of the smartest strategic business owners I know and she gives the real deal step-by-step advice that’s hard to find.

Her website www.jennyshih.com is an incredible resource and today she’s sharing with us some of her best tips that she shares with her clients.

I recommend that you grab a pen and paper and take notes. You don’t want to miss these tips!

Plus it’s super inspiring and motivating, particularly if you’ve been working hard lately and feeling like things haven’t been moving forward the way you wanted, this video is a must-see!

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Behind the Scenes With the Founder of Tiny Buddha: Meet Lori Deschene

I am excited and grateful to be bringing the founder of Tiny Buddha— Lori Deschene here with you today. She created tinybuddha.com from pure passion, and a desire to serve.

From that place of giving, her blog has turned into a multi-million reader fan base, inspiring millions of people around the world.

Today Lori share’s her inspiring story and walks us through the journey.

Here we go…

Tell me in a few words what your online business is.

Tiny Buddha is an online community focused on personal development, featuring a multi-author blog, user forums, wisdom quotes, and uplifting artwork and videos. Since the site launched in 2009, it’s grown into one of the most popular inspirational sites on the web, with close to 1,000 blog contributors, nearly two million social media followers, and more than three million monthly readers.
I frequently refer to the site as a space where we’re all both students and teachers, as it’s all about supporting and learning from each other.

How many years have you been in this business?

It’s been four-and-a-half years now, though I wouldn’t have thought of the site as a business until three years ago, as that’s when I first launched an eBook and began selling ad space on the site.

Were there businesses you started before this one that helped you learn, or was this your first business and it succeeded?

Prior to starting the site, I did a lot of freelance writing work, but I’d never tried to start my own business. And I didn’t start Tiny Buddha with that intention, as I didn’t see myself as an entrepreneur or business owner and had a little bit of a block in seeing myself that way.
I started the site because it was something I needed to do for my healing and something I wanted to do to help other people who’d experienced similar things. It evolved into a business, and I’m so grateful for how the site and I have grown together.
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How to use PR and Social Media to Grow Your Online Business

When you’re running a business there are two important parts to success:

  1. Doing what you love and helping people through your natural talents, skills and passions.
  2. Making sure people know about you and what you offer so that you can actually help people and do what you love!


This is why an understanding of media, getting press, and using social media is important to growing your business.


Today Colleen Toumayan, a PR Expert with her own PR Firm: The toumayangroup.com is sharing with us important tips on PR and using social media to build real relationships with the media so that you can reach more people and grow your business faster.

So, sit back, relax, grab a pen and notepad to take notes as you learn these important tips to grow your business.

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How to Run a Business with Integrity + Confidence with Rachel Luna

I’ve been waiting to share this week’s interview because Rachel Luna over-delivers in the tips and strategies she shares with us to help us create and run a successful business.

Rachel Luna from The Tailor Made Life over at  www.rachelluna.biz is a former marine turned Confidence + Motivation Coach. She helps business owners in their life and business since we need to be living great lives in order to run successful businesses.

Rachel shares exactly how her past training as a Marine has helped her in her business endeavors (and these are tips YOU can use in your business!) She shares how she found her niche, and if you’ve been interested in writing and publishing a book, Rachel gives us the INSIDE STORY of what it really takes to launch a bestseller book (and yes, shes on Amazon’s bestseller List, so she’s talking from direct experience)

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How to Sell Authentically in Your Online Business

If you run a business—you’re in sales.

You may not have ever seen yourself as a sales-person before, after all research has shown that when we hear the word sales the most common words that come to mind is “sleazy” and “used-car salesman”

But imagine we could see sales from another angle. Imagine sales was coming from a place of love. Imagine you created something that you genuinely believed could help somebody through their problem or simply help elevate their life to a deeper level of fulfillment. Well in that case, Sales=Love.

My Special Guest today is Kelly Higdon—a Psychotherapist and Business Coach from www.zynnyme.com

I’m so happy she was brave enough to talk about this untouched topic.

Learn how you can sell with soul. Plus, there are some other FANTASTIC tips inside that are sure to spark your business mindset and get you taking action to elevate your business to greater success.

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The Secret to Starting a Business That Makes Money

I’m writing you today with another interview.

Remember, this is all part of the Special Spring Series (Which runs until the end of May!) where successful entrepreneurs are sharing their best lessons, tips, and insights on what it takes to make it in business.

Well my guest today is Lacy Boggs, a ghostblogger over at ghostblogger.co and she did what most of us are scared of. She started the wrong business.

But she did something VERY right—the moment she realized that the bills weren’t getting paid, she knew it was time to change and time to change fast.

She took speedy action, worked hard and succeeded. Today she’s sharing exactly what she did to succeed.

Seriously—these are some of the BEST tips yet. You don’t wanna miss it!

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How to Run a Successful Business with Gina Gomez

Can you do what you love and make a living?

If you’ve ever felt caged by your corporate career and wonder if you can make the change—you’ll be inspired by Gina’s story.

In today’s interview we’re gonna talk about what it takes to run a successful business and the one thing that can make or break your business.

Gina Gomez knows the secret to success. She’s sharing with us how she’s gone from V.P Corporate Sales to a Life and Business Coach helping people discover and go after their passions.

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How to Create a Dream Business with Allie LeFevere

Business is like politics: everyone has an opinion.

Sure, it’s important to learn and educate yourself on all things business, but ultimately, for business success that feels good—you need to dare to create your own rules and act on them. This is a key message you’re gonna hear more about in today’s interview!

We get into why creating your own rules in business is so important, and why creating and sharing YOU is the magic behind business success and creating a dream business you are happy about.

My guest today is Allie LeFevere—a sought-after women’s coach + life strategist from AllieLeFevere.com

She is going to teach us about what it takes to succeed in business and how doing what you feel is right is the path to success, as she says: “Hear yourself above the noise.  And let your opinions, your values and your beliefs echo louder than anyone else’s.”

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