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Breaking Out Of The Comparison Trap:

Comparison: we do it in our attempt to measure “How am I doing?”

Comparison is potent since there’s pretty much no aspect of life it doesn’t have the power to touch.

Comparison is the fastest way to give your power away­–yet you can choose to retain your inner power and choose to release comparison the same way you can choose to release thoughts via meditation. [click to continue…]

36 Life Lessons

I’ve been learning a lot of lessons lately, and since I’m turning 36 I thought writing a post called 36 life lessons would be fitting (and a snazzy title 😉

So in no particular order here are 36 life lessons – Maybe when I’m 72 I’ll write another article with 72 lessons 😉 For now, here goes:

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How following your intuition leads to miracles


Intuition – It’s our gut instinct that may not always make sense.

It’s a sense we often ignore because it’s easier to doubt our intuitive sense than it is to doubt our sense of smell. taste, hearing, touch, or sight. Yet just as those core 5 senses help us survive–so does our 6th sense.

It all started back in March. [click to continue…]

Are you really attracting everything into your life?


In the self-help community it’s popular thought that everything in our life is a product of what we’re attracting.

In other words: every interaction and every person is a mirror of ourselves.

There’s great wisdom here and being open to this concept has its merits. But like anything in life – at its extreme this thought pattern could be detrimental.
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The painful process of waiting and how to deal with it:


Waiting in line

Waiting for the water to boil

Waiting in traffic

Waiting for the doctor

We’re all stuck with waiting on a daily basis, and most of the time it’s fairly easy to get through it. It may seem like forever, but in less than a day (and usually in less than 10 minutes) things start to move again. We get our turn. We move on.

We might deal with waiting in anger, frustration, anxiety, or choose to use the time to practice a body scan and progressive muscle relaxation, meditation in the moment, or read an article on our phone.

Then there are The Big Waiting Games:

Waiting for a new job

Waiting to find the right relationship

Waiting to find the right home

Waiting for the project to be complete

These things don’t have a defined parameter, and that kind of waiting can feel crazy-making.

It can fill you with self-doubt, loss of faith, going to every psychic, strategist, and therapist to try to figure out why you haven’t achieved your goal, or figure out how to move forward and quit waiting already.

But there’s an answer to this waiting. [click to continue…]

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