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An Unconventional Way to Insight in Your Life and Work


“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” 

~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

There I was running. Faster than I ever run. A part of me couldn’t believe I was running so fast. It felt good until I had to stop—up ahead I saw a barrier, and I needed to stop. I was feeling out of control, finding it difficult to decelerate my speed. The barrier’s getting closer, I barely have time to think about what will happen if I crash into that wall…

Then I wake up.

Dreams: we all have them, and we remember them some of the time. Dream life is a fun universe you get to enter every night, and sometimes you’ll remember the places you visit.

Dreams have been an area of intrigue for centuries, likely since the beginning of time. Philosophers, poets, writers and psychologists have written at great lengths about their meanings, virtues, significance, and insignificance.

But what if your dreams contained information and insight for you so that you can learn, grow, and make better choices?

What if your dreams could help you grow your business and creative projects?

According to Gayle Delaney, Ph.D. —they can.  And she’s not alone in her research. Her work is so powerful that even Stanford Business School has received her work into their business program.

That’s mind-blowing! A top notch business school being open to something that most people would blow off as flakey and irrelevant? Obviously the results are powerful, and they work.
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How Forgiveness Can Help You Manifest Prosperity

Forgiveness gets thrown around a lot—often on a surfaced level. It’s easy to talk about forgiveness, and it’s easy to repeat a mantra “I forgive.” But without doing the deeper work of forgiveness—it won’t get you far.

Life has challenging times—from being mistreated, abused, wrongfully fired, hitting the brink of bankruptcy, lawsuits, divorce, disease, to death of loved ones. The longer you play on this earth the longer you are likely to face a hardship where it isn’t always so easy to say the words “I forgive you,” and mean it.

Saying the words without doing the deeper work is like cleaning a moldy bathroom. It’s not enough to clean off the surface with a spritz of cleaner. You need to get to the root of the problem—remove the mold and clean the surface!
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How to Get Unstuck

The key to getting unstuck:

Have you ever wanted two things at the same time? I remember back in my University days I used to feel like if only I could be split in two—one part of me wanted to keep travelling, and the other part wanted to finish my psych degree. In order to get unstuck—I had to find a solution that would allow all parts of me to coexist. (The solution was finishing my degree, attending a study abroad program in Mexico and saving up every penny to take additional trips during the summer)

When you feel split inside—wanting two opposite things, it makes it difficult to manifest what you want.
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