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The painful process of waiting and how to deal with it:


Waiting in line

Waiting for the water to boil

Waiting in traffic

Waiting for the doctor

We’re all stuck with waiting on a daily basis, and most of the time it’s fairly easy to get through it. It may seem like forever, but in less than a day (and usually in less than 10 minutes) things start to move again. We get our turn. We move on.

We might deal with waiting in anger, frustration, anxiety, or choose to use the time to practice a body scan and progressive muscle relaxation, meditation in the moment, or read an article on our phone.

Then there are The Big Waiting Games:

Waiting for a new job

Waiting to find the right relationship

Waiting to find the right home

Waiting for the project to be complete

These things don’t have a defined parameter, and that kind of waiting can feel crazy-making.

It can fill you with self-doubt, loss of faith, going to every psychic, strategist, and therapist to try to figure out why you haven’t achieved your goal, or figure out how to move forward and quit waiting already.

But there’s an answer to this waiting. [click to continue…]

The 4 Pillars to Health:


Health is the backbone to enjoying life and being motivated to engage in creative pursuits.

If you have a million dollars but feel sick all the time–you wont be able to enjoy the million dollars.

If you got your dream job or started your dream entrepreneurial venture but feel sick, you won’t be able to give you’re all or be able to enjoy your dream position.

At the core of joy is your health, and after over a decade in the field of wellness I’m narrowing it down to four core pillars: [click to continue…]

The Upside to Your Negative Feelings

Feelings hold truth. You can’t fight someone on their feelings. You may not agree with their point of view but  feelings are not up for debate. Feelings are raw data.

If you’ve ever been told “You shouldn’t feel that way” (Which most of us are told at some point, often in our earliest stages of life) – it takes away from our ability to honour all our feelings.

Ultimately, it’s our feelings that help us navigate life with more harmony, wisdom, and ease.
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Change One Thing—Change Everything

Change can be overwhelming—especially when you feel like everything in your life’s fallen in a rut.

Although routine gives us structure and safety—if you fall into a routine of dullness your happiness and health will suffer. It’s easy to not do things: not go outside, not go on that walk/run, not check out that new class, or not enrol in that program you’ve been thinking about.

Inertia is a powerful force—and a body at rest will stay at rest. 

If you want to see changes in your life, whether it’s in your career, body, or relationships—start with one thing and watch everything change.

The one thing to start with today is [click to continue…]

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