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How following your intuition leads to miracles


Intuition – It’s our gut instinct that may not always make sense.

It’s a sense we often ignore because it’s easier to doubt our intuitive sense than it is to doubt our sense of smell. taste, hearing, touch, or sight. Yet just as those core 5 senses help us survive–so does our 6th sense.

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6 Ways to Awaken Your Intuition Today

“The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift” ~A Einstein

Mark Divine tells the story—when he was in combat training as a Navy Seal he heard the words “move.” There was nobody around telling him that. The voice was in his head.

Luckily he moved, or he would have got shot by a mistakenly fired bullet from a comrade in training.

The voice of our intuition doesn’t always come down to life or death…..but in a deeper sense it does.

We may not be faced with physical bullets, but if we don’t listen to the voice of our 6th sense – we’ll end up down a path that can feel like death to our spirit.
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An Unconventional Way to Insight in Your Life and Work


“A moment’s insight is sometimes worth a life’s experience” 

~Oliver Wendell Holmes, Sr.

There I was running. Faster than I ever run. A part of me couldn’t believe I was running so fast. It felt good until I had to stop—up ahead I saw a barrier, and I needed to stop. I was feeling out of control, finding it difficult to decelerate my speed. The barrier’s getting closer, I barely have time to think about what will happen if I crash into that wall…

Then I wake up.

Dreams: we all have them, and we remember them some of the time. Dream life is a fun universe you get to enter every night, and sometimes you’ll remember the places you visit.

Dreams have been an area of intrigue for centuries, likely since the beginning of time. Philosophers, poets, writers and psychologists have written at great lengths about their meanings, virtues, significance, and insignificance.

But what if your dreams contained information and insight for you so that you can learn, grow, and make better choices?

What if your dreams could help you grow your business and creative projects?

According to Gayle Delaney, Ph.D. —they can.  And she’s not alone in her research. Her work is so powerful that even Stanford Business School has received her work into their business program.

That’s mind-blowing! A top notch business school being open to something that most people would blow off as flakey and irrelevant? Obviously the results are powerful, and they work.
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What The Buddha told me in Sedona (Take 2)

Last year I had the fortunate experience to go to Sedona Arizona for the first time. After going to the many vortexes, including the Amitabha Stupa I wrote a post called “What The Buddha Told me in Sedona” (if you missed it you can read it here)

Well, I returned to Sedona about 2 weeks ago (maybe this will end up an annual event!) and I returned to the Amitabha Stupa. This time I went up to the Buddha Statue and said “Ok, what have you got for me this time?” 


This is what I heard:
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Making A Shift & Daring to Change Course:

Making a shift in your life and daring to change course can be scary. The uncertainty around change often relates to not knowing what’s next. The paradox: needing to figure out what’s next can stop you from seeing what’s next.

When you have multiple talents/skills/likes – it can be difficult to narrow down what your business/work focus will be.

There’s an underlying societal pressure to make a choice and clearly state “I am a…….”

In business there’s this idea of having a niche, and in work there’s an idea of choosing a career.

For many of us, this is something we’re taught at a young age. Often there’s a coercion to go to school and figure out what you want to do with the rest of your life (and you’re expected to somehow know this in High School when you’re only 17 or 18…Is this not insanity!?)

The truth is, we are dynamic beings. And if you consider yourself creative, with multiple passions/things you’re fascinated in/want to explore—it’s going to be excruciatingly difficult to choose one thing and say “This is it. This is my career. Forever”

When you force yourself to be or do something that is unnatural to your nature/your soul/your being – the by-product of going against the current is friction. And friction can become agitation, frustration and depression.

For the last two years I’ve become increasingly fascinated by the wisdom from horses, a field of psychology known as equine-facilitated psychology. My fascination sharpened when I was on a retreat in Big Sur and became introduced to the work of Linda Kohanov – a pioneer in the field.

In her book The Way of the Horse she shares how depression is often a stop sign from the soul, and agitation is often a signal of incongruency /or trespassing a boundary.

When you feel forced to go against your nature and choose a career path or start a business that isn’t really you – eventually your soul will scream louder and louder to stop. This can manifest in depression, fatigue, lethargy, loss of your spark.
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