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The 4 Pillars to Health:


Health is the backbone to enjoying life and being motivated to engage in creative pursuits.

If you have a million dollars but feel sick all the time–you wont be able to enjoy the million dollars.

If you got your dream job or started your dream entrepreneurial venture but feel sick, you won’t be able to give you’re all or be able to enjoy your dream position.

At the core of joy is your health, and after over a decade in the field of wellness I’m narrowing it down to four core pillars: [click to continue…]

Change One Thing—Change Everything

Change can be overwhelming—especially when you feel like everything in your life’s fallen in a rut.

Although routine gives us structure and safety—if you fall into a routine of dullness your happiness and health will suffer. It’s easy to not do things: not go outside, not go on that walk/run, not check out that new class, or not enrol in that program you’ve been thinking about.

Inertia is a powerful force—and a body at rest will stay at rest. 

If you want to see changes in your life, whether it’s in your career, body, or relationships—start with one thing and watch everything change.

The one thing to start with today is [click to continue…]

An Unconventional Way to Increase Your Focus and Discipline:

This week a reader wrote in asking for help on a topic that many people can relate to: “I’m struggling with not having discipline: I often lose my focus and get distracted and even though I really want to stay determined. I just can’t keep that determination for long – Please Help”

I think we all feel this way from time to time. It’s also a question I often get, and have written about it in many ways in the past via these articles:

  1. How to beat procrastination
  2. The-power-of-focus
  3. The secret to getting-things-done
  4. Why-following-your-dreams-is-not-the-answer

Today I have another approach to share:

Start with your body.

Now, if your goal is related to your body then this tip will be a double-hitter, but let’s say you’re struggling to focus on your work, then today’s tip may surprise you.
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Why Your Health Directly Impacts Your Business + Life

Now Before I get into today’s post, I just gotta say how EXCITED I am for Next Week—because  next week begins the Interview Series I’ve been talking about for weeks!. By the way, this series was sparked from my desire to share the truth of what it takes to make it in business.

Upon my own journey, I was too often met with WHAT to do, but rarely would anybody talk about HOW to do it.

People will often talk about their Best Seller, or how they made 10 K in a day or month (sounds crazy right!?) BUT HOW????

I wanted to investigate the how from other soulful successful entrepreneurs and share it with the world. So take a look at the trailer if you haven’t seen it yet (its under 2 minutes)

And Please SHARE it with a friend.

This series was created to help entrepreneurs and really anybody with a dream—because this series is full of motivation, inspiration and tips and strategies that work.

 Now, onto today’s post….

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Why Eating Healthy is Important to Making Dreams Come True

Eat Think and Live RichHappy October!

Before I get into today’s post I have the most exciting news to share. I’ve been waiting over a year to share the news that my book is now available! Simply click HERE to get your copy now. It’s available on Amazon.com and soon, in select bookstores across Canada.

This is beyond a dream come true. My dream is to share health, wellness, and spiritual fulfillment & connection with others, and this book is my way of sharing this.
You can now get your copy and get copies for friends—it makes the perfect gift to support others in living a happy, healthy, and rich life.

Now, on to today’s post! Let’s talk about WHY eating healthy is so important to making your dreams come true.

I’ve been pretty passionate about health my whole life. Specifically, about how it gives you the energy to take action on the burning passions inside.

You see, I believe we all have something significant to create, share and do. Whether that involves writing a book, taking a trip, starting a business, taking on some athletic endeavor, or fill-in-the-blank—we all have a flame inside that wants to be unleashed.

However, if we don’t feel good in our physical body, our attention will be so focused on our limited energy that we either 1. Won’t be able to take on our dreams or 2. Won’t even recognize those dreams exist.
When you feel lousy, all your focus is on feeling better. Can you recall the last time you had the flu or just felt zapped of energy? If you recall this, then I bet you will agree that dreams were certainly not on your mind…Or if you had a dream it was probably focused in simply feeling better!
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Chickpea Hummus:

Getting enough fiber in your diet is crucial for optimal health. Here is a fun, easy & healthy recipe to help you do it!

Chickpea Hummus:

• 1 ½ Cups cooked Garbanzo beans
• 2 ½ tablespoons Tahini (sesame butter)
• ½ lemon or lime
• 1-2 cloves garlic
• Tablespoon of capers (optional)
• Sprinkle sea salt & pepper
• Feel free to add more spices such as basil or hot sauce for extra sizzle
• Approx. ½ cup of water – as you blend all the ingredients together, add the water slowly, add more or less according to your consistency preference.
Blend all the ingredients in a blender until smooth. Taste test and decide if you want more or less spice.

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