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Become Intuitive

The Become Intuitive Program™ is a method to developing your intuition, confidence, and self-trust.

Whether you consider yourself intuitive or not—we all have intuition, and this program will help you strengthen your confidence to know, trust, and act on your gut instincts


  • Being able to make decisions with confidence
  • Trusting yourself
  • Understanding the language of your body
  • Stop second guessing yourself

That’s what your intuition will do for you. Intuition is a muscle and it builds with practice. During this 6-week program we’ll be applying daily practices to strengthen your self-trust, confidence, and awaken your intuition.

If you’re tired of:

  • Feeling confident one day and lost the next
  • Trusting yourself one moment, then doubting your every move
  • Relying on others to tell you what you should do
  • Spending days (or months) in overwhelm and unable to take action on your goals and dreams

…Then this program is for you


During this 6-week series we’ll explore different dimensions of developing your intuition:

  • Each week we’ll work through whatever’s on your mind/heart/been troubling you/confusing you.
  • Expect to walk away each week feeling clear, confident, and refreshed.
  • You’ll have weekly (fun) homework that ensures your intuition strengthens every day during the 40+days of this program.

Many spiritual traditions says it takes 40 days for new habits and a new way of living to evolve. That’s why this program spans over 6 weeks with daily homework–strengthening you intuitive muscle every day. By the end of this program you’ll have Become Intuitive


How it works:

  • We meet once a week via Skype (total of six 1-hour sessions). Sessions start and end on time. Please be sure to be ready to start on time in order to enjoy the full hour session.
  • Our sessions begin with a mindfulness clearing. This helps to clear your mind and creates clarity on what specific issues in your life and work need to be focused on. Then we work together using various tools such as oracle cards, my intuition, and consulting skills to create clarity in your life. When appropriate, we may use dreams as a gateway to your intuition. Ultimately this process is about facilitating your ability to awaken to your intuition.
  • As we progress through the 6 weeks you’ll begin to create your own meditations, affirmations, and methods to accessing your intuition. I’ll help you with all of this.
  • You’ll walk away with confidence, and a toolkit that’s uniquely yours—so that you can access your inner guidance anytime.

By the end of the 6 weeks together—you’ll be more confident and clear.

Past clients have done radical things like started new businesses, quit work that wasn’t working for them, moved, and more.

When you access the power of your intuition, you can expect your life to becomes happier, richer, and more fulfilling. Even in the hard times you’ll have an anchor that keeps you calm and centered no matter what gets thrown your way.

Your Investment For the complete 6-week Become Intuitive Program™ : $600 USD via Secure Paypal (Accepts Credit, debit, and your PayPal Account) Click here to proceed to Checkout.

Canadian Friendly Pricing Available In Canada Only Via E-Transfer: In Canada you can pay the $600 via Electronic funds/Interac e-Transfer. (Write me for details)


Step by Step to Secure Your Booking:

  1. Click here to checkout.  Your payment secures your booking. The confirmation from PayPal is your receipt.
  2. I will personally contact you via e-mail within 1-3 business days to set up our meeting schedule for the 6-week program. I’ll also get you started with some pre-homework to get you moving forward on this transformative experience.
  3. On the day of our scheduled meeting I’ll call you. Please come to our sessions prepared, and on time. I recommend that you’re ready 15 minutes before the start of our session so that you enter the session from a calm and clear space.  Make sure that your physical space is clear/inviting, and that all unnecessary electronics are turned off. Come prepared with any questions, and have a notebook, pen, and tea/coffee/juice/anything you’ll need by your side so that you’re fully focused and comfortable during our time together.

I look forward to sharing this transformative experience with you,

Love Tova.

Tova Payne is a writer, teacher, and intuitive consultant. She’s been teaching mindfulness practices such as yoga and meditation for 10 years, and teaches Spirit Classes in Vancouver. Read more about Tova here.

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