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If you have dreams that you want to be living—I’ve got strategy + soul to help you


The Micro-Bio:

Tova Payne is a writer, teacher, and consultant based out of Vancouver and works worldwide with holistic, soulful entrepreneurs, seekers, and creative businesses teaching meditation, mindfulness-based yoga, and via personalized  consulting, programs, and books.  She helps people de-stress, find clarity, and take action on their dreams by teaching practical action steps and soulful mindfulness practices to unlock intuition—the key to creating innovative work that comes from the inside out.

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The Unofficial Lowdown:

Hi, I’m Tova.

I wish I could hear you saying  “Hi”  back, because conversations are more fun than one-way dialogues, but for now, here’s my side:


What I love:

Freedom, Adventure, Road Trips, Nature, Discovery

And to me:  Creative Entrepreneurship is all of these things.


What I believe:

I believe mindfulness is the key to innovation, clarity, and finding fulfilment in our work.

I believe our intuition is our best advisor and that we can all access it.

I believe our business and creative projects have the power to set us free–when we work on the projects that matter to us, we experience deep freedom. And to me, that freedom is just as liberating as gallivanting across Central America (which I’ve done several times since 2001)


What I do:

I create art. My art is via the channel of writing and teaching. I write books, e-books, blog posts, and digital courses.  I teach via writing, live workshops, and business and spirit courses across Vancouver and BC.

I also lead monthly soul-circles in Vancouver and offer 1-on-1 consulting worldwide.  As an intuitive consultant I help people gain clarity, confidence, and take action on their creative, soul-fulfilling work.

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My Past Experience:

After finishing a degree in Psychology from McGill—I felt the western method of traditional psychotherapy wasn’t for me. I started writing for a magazine–which was one of the funnest jobs I ever had: being able to interview interesting people, write about it and get paid–felt like a dream come true. But my wanderlust took me back to Central America (which first caught my wandering feet in 2001 with 3 months of solo backpacking in Costa Rica and Panama – now that was a soul-journey!) In 2004 I was convinced that I’d settle down in Belize forever. I’ve always taken action on my dreams, but what I’ve learned is – dreams often change. You gotta stay open to the moment to know what’s your dream now.

So I returned to Canada – but this time to the West Coast. I came to Vancouver without knowing a soul. I came as a traveler, lived at a hostel my first few weeks until I found a place to rent. That was 2005 – the same year I enrolled at The Canadian School of Natural Nutrition. That was the same time I got kinda obsessed with Yoga – because for me it was like the healing work of psychology – but through the body.

It felt like everything I had learned about psychology was being worked out on the mat, and that was fascinating to me. As soon as I finished my nutrition and yoga training, I knew without a doubt that I was gonna make it on the unconventional path. And I did.  From 2006-2012 my entrepreneurial endeavours surrounded yoga and nutrition. My company at the time was Adventure Yoga: I led classes, consulted with nutrition clients, led workshops, retreats, created a yoga teacher training, led trainings,  and mentored other yoga teachers to grow their yoga career. By 2013 I put Yoga on the back burner and led my final training (for now) and published my first paperback.

I still mentor yoga teachers, teach business to yoga teachers and holistic nutritionists, and teach meditation as a vehicle for clarity, productivity, and harnessing the inner CEO: the wise teacher within. These days my consulting work is a combination of  strategy with soul–I teach from a place of keen intuition, along with real action steps to help create change and growth in your life and work.

If you’re ready to get personalized support for yourself or your team–I work with people and companies in a variety of ways:

I teach meditation and mindfulness as a vehicle to decrease stress, and enhance productivity and creativity. Hire me to teach at your business or event–click here for all the details. 

I offer online digital courses, programs, and e-books—all available on The Shop Page

And I offer 1-on-1 consulting and mentoring: I’m one part teacher, one part guidance counselor, one part intuitive coach.

At the moment I offer:

Read up on how to work with me privately by checking out my work-with-me page


Live a Rich Life Now


Ok, You still wanna hear more? Here’s other random facts you might want to know about me:

  • I love coffee—organic, fair trade strong black coffee (and yes, I am an advocate of it’s health benefits!)
  • I’ve been a fan of Bob Dylan since I was 12
  • I find Psychology and the human mind fascinating, which is why I got my University Degree (from McGill) in Psychology
  • I’m a fan of Tupac’s messages of social justice
  • I get a kick out of law shows and have been watching Law and Order since it first aired.
  • I’m in love with Shark Tank (my faves are Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban because those two give the best advice. I dream to meet them both).
  • I’m an avid traveler and explorer by nature with a deep love for Mexico + Central America. The stirrings in my soul have led me to the mountains of New Hampshire, the vibrancy of Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico, Belize, and across my own Country and the USA several times.  I now call Vancouver home and have a deep love and gratitude for the ocean and mountains.
  • I believe nutrition helps us be better and smarter business people and live a more vital life. This is why I studied Nutrition and became a Registered Holistic Nutritionist and why after 7 years of working with clients I knew I had to put it all in one place. So I published my first paperback in 2013: Eat, Think & Live Rich: A Guide to Health and Happiness
  • I believe exercise and Yoga help us release physical and emotional tension, gain focus, and connect deeper to ourselves. For many years my main entrepreneurial endeavors surrounded yoga—teaching, creating and leading retreats, workshops, creating + leading Yoga Teacher Trainings as an E-RYT. I still love teaching and mentor teachers. If you’d like to be mentored in your yoga career—write me to inquire about a custom package.
  • I love learning. Not only have I had the fortune to apprentice with an Executive Coach for 7 years, I continue to take courses and learn: from business to spirituality and personal development.  Entrepreneurship is all about lifelong learning and growth—and I want to give you my best.
  • I believe meditation is a key ingredient to business and life success and fulfillment. That’s why I made this e-book: Learn to Meditate. It’s free—you can click here to download your copy.
  • I believe business is a soul-journey with many twists, turns, changes, miracles and unknowns along the way. We’re bound to change course over time: as we change—so does our vision and business change.  As long as we stay present and continue to move forward from a place of love, ease, alignment, connection and freedom—we are bound for success in our life and business.


If you’re still reading, I’m giving you a big High 5! Thanks for making it this far down the page.

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I  believe that our creative work can set us free. 

Start creating your work now.

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IMG_0527Wanna lively up your freedom rhythm? Here are a few favorite freedom songs:

Freedom by Burning Spear
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Redemption Song by Bob Marley
Freedom Cry by Sizzla
We Free Again by Groundation


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