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Miracles: Part 2 – let your intuition lead the way


A few months ago I wrote an article called “How Following Your Intuition Leads to Miracles”

If I was writing a fairytale for Disney the story would end “And that opportunity was as spectacular as I’d hoped, and my life was perfect”

But, life is here to teach us our way forward and onward.

It’s common to just want to “Get there already.” To feel like “Can this just be it already?!”

Have you ever felt like you wished you could just land and know that everything would just be Good Forever!?

After all, that’s what we’re sold–the happily ever after story… Even in the spiritual community, in the law of attraction and many other new age principles we’re taught to think positive, and life will be great all the time.

In a deep sense, life is perfect all the time. When you go deep down into your heart, even in hard times, things are fundamentally in perfect order, in order for us to learn what we need to learn on this life journey.

Yet on the surface, there is the pain, doubt, confusion, frustration, and struggle. Getting to the deep down place takes persistence, faith, and trust to take the time to access your heart and gut.

This is the place of our intuitive knowing.

For me, over the last year, I had started to promise myself that I’d truly listen to my intuition as my barometer for moving forward in my life.

For years I’d ignored my intuition, and for years I was stuck deeper than I had to be. I had moments of honoring my intuition and that was when I’d leap forward, but every time I allowed fear to step in, I was derailing my path. So it was this summer where I started to promise myself I’d dare to heed the advice of my heart/soul/intuition.

And so it came to pass that I found myself moving to the North for what seemed like a once in a lifetime opportunity.

And it was.

Within my first few weeks I was travelling up to remote communities and engaging with people in ways I found meaningful. I discovered places in Canada I never could have conceived existed.

And yet, through all of that, the work environment I was in was incongruent.

I listened, and I listened and I prayed.

I also continued to have fun: I taught yoga for joy, I wrote articles for joy, and I spent as much time in nature as I could, even when it hit -20, and even when it hit -36!

In a previous article I had mentioned some challenges being faced, and I faced those challenges asking myself to understand my lessons.

I wrote to god almost everyday (And by god I mean spirit/universe/that deeper sense of connection in your heart)

I would ask god to align my personality with my soul’s purpose, and I looked for meaning in my work (This is inspiration from Gary Zukav)

I’d ask god to help me in various ways according to what the day was demanding of me.

One day I was at the gym where I teach Yoga and I was stopped by someone I’d seen several times. He told me he has sent me a LinkedIn request because he had read the article I wrote for the gym and read articles here on my blog and wanted to talk about mindfulness opportunities.

I was excited and enthusiastic to talk further to this person. We met, we spoke, and he said “I want to hire you.”

I was humbled and floored, and yet I was new at my current work that brought me up to the North. I’d been having problems, but was I ready to make a move? I wasn’t. My logic said “Don’t be hasty or irrational”

So I told this person, that although I was experiencing some difficulties at work I was not ready to make any fast moves, but I certainly wanted to keep the conversation going.

Work got worse. And then it got even worse.

I broke down at work.

That was my breaking point.

I wrote this person saying “Ok, Im ready to meet again”

We met at his office more thoroughly as I began to understand a deeper scope of the opportunity being presented to me.

I took more time and prayed to god every day.

Work continued to get worse, and in my meditation what came clear to me was my current work situation was painful and challenging, yet a great gift. My intuition led me to it, so that my intuition could lead me to the next opportunity.

The gift was also in being able to see that work is like any relationship. The red flags come early and we can choose to keep giving it “One more chance” or “Hoping things will improve” or we can stay present to the moment, be in our truth, honour our boundaries, and decide what is and is not OK for us.

Once we learn our lesson and make a firm decision about what is no longer in alignment with us, the universe opens up to us in miraculous way, showing us a way forward.

Our intuition is always guiding us. Just because we are led to one place, does not mean it is the End Game.

It means if we act on our intuition we’ll continue to be led forward towards our greatest destiny.

We always have a choice.

I decided I can either ride with spirit or not. I decided to ride with spirit.

Even if it’s scary, uncertain, taking a leap I hadn’t originally planned, I knew without a doubt when I asked deep down in my heart and gut there was no question. I knew deciding to leave my current situation to move to the next situation was daring to move forward on the path directed by my soul and intuition.

So here I am. Still in the North. Still on a Northern Adventure, with the fortune to work alongside a CEO who is aligned with my spiritual thinking. With a CEO who wanted to hire me because of my blog.

If that’s not a miracle, I don’t know what is.

Sometimes, the things we do for pure joy, are the things that give us the greatest rewards.

I hope this article inspires you to keep following your joy, taking action on your intuition, and that even if things don’t turn out the way you thought they would, if you believe and keep listening to your intuition, you will only be led upwards and onwards to greater prosperity along your soul path.

With Love,

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  • Heidi B Barkwell January 6, 2018,

    Did I tell you lately how much I appreciate, admire n love you Tova, well if I hadn’t here it is….this article was absolutely inspiring…I feel blessed n honoured to watch you grow my beautiful friend!….Thank-You for always sharing your insights!

    • Tova Payne January 6, 2018,

      (((Hugs))) Thank You Heidi – your words mean so much to me!! Thank You!

  • Janet Ward December 28, 2017,

    So delighted to hear about this fascinating intuitive turn of events! Congratulations on the new position and I look so forward to a good chat soon Tova my sweetiebunny.♥️⛸️🎉☃️🌠✈️

    • Tova Payne December 28, 2017,

      ((((Hugs)))) Thank You JanJan!! 🙂 I miss you tons

  • april December 28, 2017,

    lovely and inspiring, tova. congratulations on aligning yourself with perfect placement.

    • Tova Payne December 28, 2017,

      Thank you April!

  • Robert December 28, 2017,

    Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! Any tips on identifying true intuition versus background noise? I always say to myself “listen to the voices in your head except when the topic is chocolate or red wine.” But that’s just not good enough.

    • Tova Payne December 28, 2017,

      HaHa! Merry Christmas Rob 🙂 My #1 tip would be: clear the background noise: you can do 2-minutes of breathing, followed by 5-10 minutes of meditation and that will clear the background noise. Then be open to the “thoughts” that pass through. You will start to feel the difference of thoughts coming from background noise versus thoughts coming from intuition..
      And if this helps, I wrote more about it here: 6 ways to awaken intuition
      I send my regards to Kathryn! 🙂


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