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How following your intuition leads to miracles


Intuition – It’s our gut instinct that may not always make sense.

It’s a sense we often ignore because it’s easier to doubt our intuitive sense than it is to doubt our sense of smell. taste, hearing, touch, or sight. Yet just as those core 5 senses help us survive–so does our 6th sense.

It all started back in March.I was pretty tired out from a heavy year emotionally and work-wise. My intuition told me I need to get away. I had one week in my calendar where I could shuffle a few things around to get the week clear. My mind would tell me “well you could wait for the summer – you’ll have plenty of time then” but my intuition was clear and I decided to follow it.

I cleared my schedule and booked a flight to Arizona. Staying with friends, hanging out with horses, dogs, and lots of hiking in the Tucson Desert. It was my vision of bliss and exactly what I needed for restoration.

From the moment I returned to Vancouver I felt “It’s time to go” I was surprised by this but this feeling stayed with me consistently.

I’d get intuitive messages from all sources confirming this. Through meditation, time in nature, even Oracle cards telling me “There’s nothing left to learn here” to repeatedly being told New Beginnings are on the way. Despite being a skeptic I even spoke with clairvoyants and astrolgers all telling me August would mark a change.

In the past I’d be really good at ignoring my intuition out of fear. I’d hesitate and delay and wait. This time I made the commitment to myself to act on as many intuitions as I had the guts for.

What I discovered is–the more you act on your intuition the braver you become.

One day feeling pretty tired I was prompted to head out to the forest. Nature always revives me. All of a sudden this squirrel comes right up to me. I scare him and he scares me. It was mutual.

animal message

But the squirrel came back. And he hung out with me longer than any squirrel has ever hung out with me. It was out of the ordinary to say the least.

In many traditions animals are messengers and I knew this squirrel had a message for me. When I got home I looked up in my animal oracle deck the meaning of Squirrel: Preparedness it said.

Right then I knew what I had to do: My intuition told me it’s time to start cleaning and clearing. It’s time to prepare for my move even though I had no verifiable proof that I was moving.

I felt the inclination to part with clothes I was attached to. I walked it up to the thrift store.

I slowly parted with some favorite books.

Then I started to make it a daily habit: if every day I can let go of one more thing I’ll be on my way.

Every time I felt a nudge to let go of something I did.

Some days my intuition would have me walk down streets I hadn’t walked down in years, and I’d see someone I hadn’t seen in years. We’d talk and as I left my intuition said “This is your final goodbye. These are your loose ends. This is because you’re leaving soon”

I still had no verifiable proof that I was going anywhere, and as far as my reality was concerned it was business as usual.

I was offered an opportunity to go to California for a dream position at a start-up: it was perfect for my entrepreneurial spirit. After going, I felt fairly certain this was it. This must be what the clairvoyants and astrologer were talking about.

As weeks went by and I hadn’t heard a word, I started to ask the universe “What the hell Universe?” I started to get a little frustrated at the universe. After all I’d been a “good spiritual soldier” – taking action on every intuition, following every message I sensed–so why weren’t things shifting for me?

Then I get the email that the position went to someone else. Slightly devastated I said “Universe, what the hell? Why would you take me that far for nothing to change? What were all these signs? What were all these intuitions? Is this all BS?”

On one hand my faith took a hit.

And yet to my utter surprise my intuition kept telling me I am leaving soon, despite the fact that my reality did not paint that picture. Despite losing the one thing that felt like it might be my ticket to change.

I started to acknowledge my reality that I might stay in Vancouver after all. My reality only showed me this–so I started preparing for upcoming courses and workshops I was going to lead. I bought a new calendar and put my new schedule in there. I was prepared to be here. I had finally surrendered to being here.

Simultaneously, I kept getting intuitive feelings and oracle cards telling me about a “Paradigm Shift” and I continued to be met by squirrels.

Then the other week I receive an offer to fly up to The North. I thought “No way. I can’t do cold.” I expressed my hesitations to them, But as I spoke to them on the phone my soul would not let me say no. To my surprise I heard myself saying “Yes” to the offer to fly up.

Sometimes our soul acts on our behalf. And I had been praying daily for my soul to lead the way and to take me to where I’m meant to be.

The opportunity was better than I could have dreamed of but I still could not imagine that I’d live in The North. “There’s no way,” I thought.

Our thinking mind sure is bull-headed.

Then the moment I get on the airplane my soul tells me I’m moving. But I’m still resistant to it. I think “There’s no way”

The battle of the mind and intuition is a fierce battle.

I get delayed 4 hours in the Calgary Airport and take it as a sign that this is my opportunity to sit with this opportunity in The North.

So I camp out and sprawl out all my manifestation papers. Yup, for months I’d been doing heavy manifesting work, writing out the exact qualities I’m looking for in pretty much every area of my life.

As I sat with these papers, to my shock, the position in The North checked out with a 90% success rate. Pretty much the only thing that didn’t check out was “SOUTH”

The next day I walked around the Vancouver ocean and forests and though “I sure will miss this but there’s no way I cannot say yes to The North.” My intuition was clear.

Although my mind had every reason to say no and stay in my comfort of Vancouver (good weather, my favorite nature spots, friends, and an abundance of healthy options) my soul clearly was telling me to say yes. Only fear would have said no.

I decided life’s too short to not follow intuition and so I said yes.

Since then, the miracles that continue to fall my way are amazing me. Support I never could have dreamed of has been flooding my way.

Now I look back, and I see, the Universe may give us our manifestations in a different package than we anticipated, however the work works.

Daring to act on your intuition leads to miracles.

Looking back I understand how choosing to go to Arizona, and following the guidance of the squirrel were all potent factors leading me to where I am now – embarking on a total paradigm shift, off to the next adventure of my life. An adventure that was inconceivable to me even a few weeks ago.

Oddly enough the astrologer was correct. Maybe I shouldn’t be such a skeptic.

And the oracle cards telling me of ”Paradigm Shifts” and “New Beginnings” all checked out too.

In the end, here are 7 core lessons I can share with you about daring to follow your intuition to create miracles:

  1. Meditation and time in nature both help you hear your inner voice in the first place.
  2. If you feel inclined to do something – do it. Start taking action on every inclination
  3. Pay attention to signs, and take action on the messages being given to you
  4. It’s common for things to feel frustrating and take longer than you hope (But not always!)
  5. Sometimes what looks like the perfect package isn’t. When things fall apart they weren’t the right timing or the right fit. Something was out of place, and something inside of you was not on board to make that thing happen. Sometimes we tell ourselves we want something, but deep down we know it’s not the right thing. When these things fall through, it’s OK. Trust that there’s something else coming.
  6. Keep taking action on every intuition. Trust your soul to call the shots. Not every action is logical, but it will always feel right
  7. Know that things do shift. It’s impossible for things not to shift. Change is inevitable-when coupled with inner work, things can shift dramatically.

If there’s been something you’ve been feeling and it hasn’t happened yet, keep doing the inner work: keep following the inner guidance, your inner call. Do your best to hold on to faith.

When you commit to something – the universe comes back to you in ways beyond what you may have dreamed.

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  • Luly August 24, 2017,

    This is great Tova! Thank you for sharing and good luck with al your wonderful projects 🙂 love, Luly

    • Tova Payne August 29, 2017,

      Thank You Luly <3 Big Love to you!

  • Lee August 24, 2017,

    I am so happy for you. You kept your options open and now you are ready. I would love to know what you will be doing.

    • Tova Payne August 29, 2017,

      Thank You Lee! <3 I miss you and Arizona!! (hugs)


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