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Is it s a Sign? How to figure out if it’s a sign showing you which way to go

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Have you ever said “I’m waiting for a sign” ?

It’s common to wait for a sign to figure out if we should

:Quit the job

:Leave the relationship

:Book your tickets

:Register for a course

:Book a session

…We tell ourselves we’re confused. Then we decide to bargain with the Universe:

“OK – If this meant to be, give me a sign!”

…Then it comes and we hesitate. We wonder and doubt: Well,  is that really a sign?

So you decide to get more specific and give very specific orders about the signal you need.

It comes.

Sometimes that’s all we need to take action, but other times we’ll still find ourselves stuck wondering:

 “Well, I don’t know, Universe, I need a CLEARER signal, just tell me, is this the right move?”

Can you relate?

I was listening to a podcast featuring Kyle Cease. One of the best interviews I’ve heard this year. At one point in the interview he talked about signs, and what he said resonated as truth:

We choose what’s a sign

We can hear a song on the radio that relates to our conundrum and miss it or ignore it.

We can stumble upon an article that relates to our issue and see it as a signal or we can bypass it and still beg the Universe for THE sign.

But the answer to what’s a legitimate signal is Bigger than that:

The Sign is located within your desire. Your FEELING is Enough

For example, if you feel like you want to get divorced–isn’t that already a signal?

If you feel it’s time to move to a new location–isn’t that already a signal that it’s time to move?

If you feel it’s time to enroll in that class/go on a retreat/book the flight…Isnt that the signal?

Then, if you’re lucky enough to get a sign on top of your feeling – it could be a song on the radio, an article you come across, or a friend sharing a story that illuminates what you’ve been wondering about–isn’t that more than enough to take action?

You can go in circles forever trying to figure out what’s a sign.

At the end of the day, the signal you’re looking for is closer than you think

The Sign is within. It’s in your gut. It’s in your heart, in your core, in your soul.

The Sign You’re Seeking is located within your question.

The mere fact you’re asking about [fill in the blank] IS the sign.

If you’re wondering if you should take a weekend getaway into the woods – that’s already the signal you should. You could wait to pass by a store called WOODS and then watch a TV show that night where they all head out camping in the WOODS, or you could simply be satisfied with the first most important signal of all: Your soul calling you, awakening within you that wonder, that idea, that possibility – that is the sign.

The sign is within your heart’s desire. Daring to hear your hearts desire comes through giving yourself the gift of time alone/in meditation where you can simply sit in stillness to hear the voice of your gut/heart/intuition/soul

Then invoke the courage to take the next best step.

The Sign is Within–Your Job is to Choose.


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