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Create Your Life: The Power of A Blank Canvas

A blank canvas is filled with possibility

Possibility is exhilarating

And that same possibility is terrifying


:Not wanting to mess it up

:Not wanting to use the canvas for the wrong thing

:Worried that this is your only canvas and if you mess it up you’re screwed

Or worried that the time you spent on this canvas cannot be replaced so if you mess up you lost time.

Then round and round in the circle you go

Fearful of messing up so you never create on the blank canvas

Instead you might get a coloring book – something that’s already been well defined and crafted

Now you’re creativity is in the safe zone: you simply fill in the blanks or you stick with your current canvas–trying to work in the edges and refine and clean it up where you can.

Maybe you’ll even attempt at using whiteout to clear the old canvas

This is what we do in our lives:

Desiring a fresh start while simultaneously scared to use a new canvas

If you’re enthralled with the current canvas of your life–stop reading this. Instead–scroll down to the comments and share how you crafted your beloved canvas and what makes it so great.

But if there’s anything you want that’s not yet in your reality–choose to get a new canvas and start creating. 

Here’s Your Assignment:

Get some blank paper and a few colored pens or pencils as you ask yourself the following:

  • What would you draw on your new canvas?

If you feel blank–no ideas perspiring, likely fear is stopping you from even giving yourself the gift of dreaming. Let yourself dream. Imagine all your core expenses were paid for, and you were given a monthly allowance beyond what you needed. Money is no longer an issue. What would you create?

Alternatively, if you’re oozing with many ideas, many of which conflict with each other–this new canvass will start to feel like a big mess.

That’s OK

What if you were allowed more than one canvas?

Imagine you could get 3 or 5 canvases and give yourself permission to draw out 3 alternate realities.

Do that.

In Designing Your Life by Burnett and Evans, two professors from Stanford who’ve crafted an incredible course for their students which has now been boiled down into their incredible book, gives this kind of example. I recommend you read their book to get the full gift of their recommendation and teachings.

For now, use a different paper for each possibility. Each possibility is a separate canvas. Give yourself permission to be creative:

Allow yourself to shift yourself into a field of choice.

Give yourself permission to use the power of your imagination to be the seed of manifesting a new reality:

  1. Paint The Picture (draw it out/write it out on a piece of paper–your canvas)
  2. Ask your inner guidance for your next Best Action. There’s always a tangible step you can take right now. Your inner guide is your best advisor. (And if you have trouble hearing your inner guide–check out this program to help you start trusting your inner wisdom)
  3. Decide to make bold choices (This was inspired by Lisa Nichols–catch one of her YouTube talks for more inspiration)

BOLD CHOICES don’t let you say “Maybe” a bold choice is a clear yes or a clear no. Maybe is a cop-out.  I know it’s hard. But start practicing (I am 😉 

After you’ve put in all the work of creating your canvas, and have consulted with your inner advisor–it’s time to make a bold choice.

This is how we create. This is how we redesign. This is the magic of manifesting a new reality.

And no matter what choice you make, you can always choose again. The wonderful thing about blank canvases is you can always get another canvas. There are no shortages of canvases.

Get started now.

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