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Is Nature a Therapist ?


“Nature doesn’t hurry yet everything is accomplished” – Lao Tzu


Can Nature Be A Therapist? The Nature of Divine Assignments + Moving Forward:


Having coffee with a friend who’s going through the aftermath of a breakup, she asked “How did you get through the hard times of your breakup?”

“Well… I let myself cry…a lot. You know there’s no shortcut to grief. Actually the shortcut is to feel the pain, cry as much as you need and that’s the shortcut. If you try to hide it or ignore it – then it sticks around longer”

“So how are you feeling these days?” she asks

“Well….Pretty good I guess” I reply with a genuine smile and sense of peace. I’m surprised by my own response.

…In less than 24 hours I find myself in tears again. What?!

What’s wrong with me? I think. Maybe I need a therapist.

So I google around, make an inquiry, but my search leaves me empty–nothing is the right fit. The glow around this idea fades.

So what’s the answer?

Feeling at a loss, I decide to get out of the house into the rain. Immediately I feel better.

“Oh I get it. THIS is the answer”

Go Outside. Be in Fresh Air even if it’s cold and rainy. Move your body. Stagnation is the opposite of what you need. Movement is what you need now.

Can nature be my therapist?

Later that night I look at my full calendar for the week ahead. A slight tingle of dread encapsulates me.

What do I do? I wonder in exhaustion.

I go over to my office space and start prepping for the writing project I’m working on.  Immediately I feel better. Energized.

“Oh I get it. THIS is the answer”

Get moving. Do something. Doing something always makes you feel better. Positive forward action. Out of your head. Out of overwhelm. Even one small step–you’ll feel better. Even if you think you’re exhausted, action will energize you. 

The next day I awaken still wondering about whether I should reply to this therapist. It fills me with dread so I take a morning stroll to the beach.

Immediately I feel better.

“Oh I get it. THIS is the answer” Of course. Nature is my therapist. Nature always talks to me and gives me solutions.

I was handed a few divine assignments.

A divine assignment might seem like a thought – Go with it.

A divine assignment (a term I first heard from Doreen Virtue) is those little hunches to do something.

Whether it feels like a random thought or a clear intuitive hit – these are the moments where you’re being directed by the divine. Every day we get mini assignments. Some days we get Big Assignments.

What are these assignments like?

It could be that feeling to detox from sugar or dairy for a few days. It could be to clear out your closet, pay off your credit card, volunteer or give a donation to a place that you’re called to support.

Some days you’ll get a Big Assignment like quitting a position or relationship that isn’t right for you. Divine assignments come in all shapes and forms.

Often the Big Divine Assignments scare the shit out of us, so we ignore it. Don’t worry – those keep coming back. If your divine assignment is to leave something you’re attached to, chances are you’ll be given this nudge over and over until it becomes so unbearable you finally feel there’s no choice but to follow the divine assignment.

But don’t wait for the Big Divine Assignments. Act on the small ones.

The more small ones you act on the smoother your life will flow. And the more in tune you’ll be at hearing/sensing and following through on the little assignments that come your way every day. Every small action truly adds up.

If you have a lunch break and normally go out to eat with your colleagues, but you get the inner nudge to take time for yourself and go on a random walk – do that.

If you can easily send an e-mail of gratitude to a friend but feel the inclination to get a card and mail it the old fashioned way – do that.

If you’re driving home and originally planned to head straight home but then you get the little nudge to stop at the grocery store (even if logically you don’t need anything) – Go. Divine Assignments don’t always follow logic.

Divine assignments are continuously flowing our way.

All those little nudges that you can easily NOT DO are the exact things you need to do to move forward on the path of abundance, ease and joy.

If life is a treasure hunt, there are clues and signs all around us that will perk up our days. It means that on the tough days when we think “Is there something wrong with me?” we act on the mini divine assignments that splash our way. Because even the first step will give us feedback and help us know our next step.

My next divine assignment was reaching out to a teacher of mine–a retired psychotherapist. I asked her recommendation on counselors. She gave me the number of her intuitive clairvoyant.

Yeah. That’s more like it. That’s exactly what I need. For now, Nature is my therapist guiding me and giving me divine assignments. …And I’ll see what the clairvoyant says 😉

Please know: you are not alone, and always seek out the support you feel guided to receive. Sometimes the first knock won’t be the right door, but keep knocking–the right door will open.

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  • Arlene Thompson April 8, 2017,

    I am sitting in nature right now. I’ve had a rough couple of weeks. I feel all the stress and mediocrity draining from me.

  • Cristina January 27, 2017,

    This made me think of my favourite book where I learned that ‘one of the great secrets in life is to cure the soul by means of the senses.’ (The picture of Dorian Gray) Your story really hits with me and the book I’m currently working through, women who run with the wolves, about being given tasks and lessons in life that strengthen the intuition. How great is it that now you’re able to recognize these assignments as a tool for healing? Some experiences/relationships in life are amazing, some are draining but at least we have our inner wild woman and fellow women to support us huh? 🙂

  • Lynn January 26, 2017,

    Divine Assignments: touch into the nudge or baby steps to get past the fight, flight or freeze part of our brain. Reading the book: Your Spacious Self: Clear the Clutter and Discover Who You Are by Stephanie Bennett Vogt. She shares a solution to overwhelm is to slow down and do less. Nature invites us with all our senses to slow down and be present. Thanks for sharing your journey and the wisdom you acquire from paying attention.

    • Tova Payne January 26, 2017,

      (hugs) Thanks Lynn! And thanks for awesome book recommendation 🙂


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