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The Power of Following The Inner Call

10 years ago the Inner Call came–leading me to board an airplane to Baja Mexico.

I spent a few days wandering around the town of San Jose del Cabo and then took a bus to a random highway drop-off point in the middle of nowhere.

I wasn’t out to navigate random highway stops in the Baja desert–I was following the directions to the Yandara Yoga Institute – a Yoga Training School in the middle of the desert near Todos Santos. I walked up the highway path, followed some art-made signs directing me “This Way to Yandara”

I arrived.

For the next 30 days I’d live in my small tent perched up a small hill. I knew Yoga Teacher Training was more than learning how to teach, I knew I was in for an experience that would change my life. It did.

Being in the Baja desert, with the ocean steps away was a rejuvenating experience. Most days were filled with long stretches of meditation, time in nature, and lots of practice teaching. What I appreciated about the school is they focused on inner work. It was as if they knew that technical skill can be built over time, but it was the inner transformation that leads to the emergence of a powerful teacher.

The training gave me a renewal of hope and faith which I had lost after a period of loss, confusion, and treading through mud. Periods of loss or perceived failure direct us back on track if we listen to the Inner Call.

The experience was a stripping away of the old limitations and gave me a sense of a new possibility.

When I returned to Canada, things started to fall into place. I got a job at the exact place I dreamed of working: a studio where I could get free classes and keep learning. I instantly started teaching, and one class led to many other classes. I started a nutritional consulting practice while working at a weight-loss clinic and within a few months I dropped my secure job to focus on teaching full time.

Yoga gave me a renewed faith in life and the magical flow of the universe. I was immersed in continual study, took frequent trips to Los Angeles to study with my favorite teachers who’d inspire me with teachings I’d bring back to Vancouver.

Yoga gave me courage – to begin the creation of a Yoga Teacher Training Manual, and ultimately a contract to partner with a studio to lead Yoga Teacher Trainings. I never waited for permission to do these things, I simply allowed myself to be led by the flow. I allowed the power of the Inner Call to guide my choices.

It’s now 10 years since that training, and I’ve pivoted a lot since then. I haven’t led a training since 2013, and I no longer teach full time. I still teach, because it anchors me into the practice and continues to fill me with great joy.

Following the Inner Call, and taking the first step takes you on a journey that opens you up.

When you find yourself called to immerse in something – go. It will change your life and lead you on an unexpected path.

If you feel called to do something–even if it doesn’t make sense or doesn’t necessarily lead to a career path–jump in.

That action of following the Inner Call will renew your faith in yourself and open you up to greater possibilities than you could have imagined for yourself.

We all fall in ruts, and life tends to go in patterns and cycles. I’ve certainly fallen off track of listening to my inner call. It’s in those times that I’ve found myself back in the space of loss and confusion.

If you’re in a stage of feeling like you’re in a rut–the answer is to tune-in to your inner voice–your intuition. Start to pay attention to your heart and gut.

When you get that inner feeling to immerse in something – that’s the call from your soul leading you to your next cycle of rejuvenation and restoration on an exciting, mysterious, and abundance-filled adventure.

Know that The Inner Call is not something that only happens once in your life. The Inner Call will come several times in your life. The more you listen and follow the Inner Call, the more joy and magic you’ll experience.

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