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6 Ways to Awaken Your Intuition Today

“The Intuitive Mind is a Sacred Gift” ~A Einstein

Mark Divine tells the story—when he was in combat training as a Navy Seal he heard the words “move.” There was nobody around telling him that. The voice was in his head.

Luckily he moved, or he would have got shot by a mistakenly fired bullet from a comrade in training.

The voice of our intuition doesn’t always come down to life or death…..but in a deeper sense it does.

We may not be faced with physical bullets, but if we don’t listen to the voice of our 6th sense – we’ll end up down a path that can feel like death to our spirit.

Feeling like you lost yourself,  aren’t living the life you’re meant to live, like something in your life is missing, or like something isn’t quite right is painful. Over time it creates deep stress that’s so heavy, it usually manifests as chronic fatigue, or physical sickness even when the lab results come back that everything is fine.

When we fail to listen to our intuition – we’re allowing the veil of illusion to take the front seat. And that’s dangerous. In a sense, it creates a death of your spirit in favor for the safety of illusion.

On some level we all know when we’re lying to ourselves, but usually we’ll fall into confusion since confusion feels safer than staring truth in the face. The truth of your intuition can be scary when it asks you to make a change that will create a death of the current life you’re living.

If you’re comfortable at your office job but feel your soul getting crushed, and a nagging voice keeps saying “go to culinary school” you should check out some night classes.

If you’re comfortable living in the city you grew up in but you consistently hear a voice telling you to move to Nevada City– take a trip to Nevada City!

With intuition all you gotta take is the first step. Then keep listening and keep taking one step forward allowing your inner voice to get stronger day by day.

Here are 5 simple things you can start today to amplify your intuition:


1. Start every morning with a 3-5 minute meditation. Consistency is the most important thing. It’s better to be consistent with 5 minutes every morning, than try to do an hour one day and never meditate again. Snag a free copy of Learn To Meditate by clicking here. For a free meditation audio click here.


2. Ask a question. Let’s say there’s been something on your mind such as feeling tired all the time. Lay out a question (in your mind or out loud) such as “Why am I so tired all the time?” or, “What do I need to know?” Or “What information is there for me about this matter?” Then Breathe. Take 10 deep breaths by taking 4 counts to inhale and 4 counts to exhale. At the end of the 10 breaths sit with yourself for about a minute (or longer if you can) and listen for any insights that arise. Sometimes an insight will arise immediately. other times the insight may trickle in during the day while you’re at work or in the shower! Keep paying attention to insights that arise through your day.


3. Go out to nature. It could be a park, a forest trail, the ocean or a lake. Go out early in the morning before it gets too hectic. Sitting with nature is not only revitalizing, it helps you gather insights. There is a magic to nature and when you’re in nature it’s wisdom gets transferred to you.


4. Be on the lookout for signs and synchronicities. For example, you’ve been thinking about an old acquaintance and then bump into them. Or you’re on your way to the post office to mail out a letter, and upon your walk you see a spare dollar on the ground–just what you needed for postage! Or you run out the door forgetting your change and once you reach the bus stop you realize this mistake. Right there on the bench is an unused bus ticket. These are all examples of signs and synchronicities.  The more you pay attention to signs and synchronicities the more you’ll see them and be aware of them. This will help you lead forward and trust those intuitive hunches that come to you and then manifest in your reality. By paying attention to synchronicities in your life, your intuition will get stronger.


5. Go with the Glow – this I heard from Erich Schiffmann. It’s a simple concept. When you’re making a decision, look at your options and do the thing that glows brightest even if it doesn’t necessarily make logical sense. (A “glow” means you feel an inclination towards it, it does not mean you’ll see lights shining over it!) The way to practice this and strengthen your intuition is to practice on things that you feel are minor such as which color shirt should you wear (black or blue) or what color apple should you choose. Sometimes you might see a glow  over the yellow apple even though you thought yellow apples weren’t so tasty. But if you follow the glow you might be pleasantly surprised with the results. That yellow apple ends up being so good that it becomes your new favorite apple. After awhile of practicing on little things you’ll become so accustomed to feeling and trusting the glow that when it comes to the bigger decisions you’ll be more confident in your ability to feel where the glow is.

6. Pay attention to your dreams. Our unconscious mind will often deliver us messages from our intuition and inner truth when it’s too much for our everyday-mind to accept. Intuition can feel scary when it asks you to go out of your comfort-zone—which is why we sometimes ignore it or question it. If you’ve been blocking your intuition for awhile–your intuition will try to speak to you through your dreams. I wrote an article about how to remember your dreams and make sense of them. Click here to read more about dreams and how they’ll give you incredible insight and direction for your life.


Which of these will you try today? Even if you start with one, you’ll be sure to strengthen your 6th sense—that’s just as important to your survival and happiness as your other 5 senses.

Side effects of listening to your intuition include more happiness, opportunities, adventure, and love in your life.  For more support on strengthening your intuition check out my latest program: Become Intuitive™. A personalized 1-on-1 experience to strengthen your intuition, and in the process watch your life transform. Click here for all the details

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