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Declutter to Manifest Abundance

Spring is around the corner calling us for a fresh start. It’s the perfect time to declutter your physical space which helps to create more inner space for fresh ideas and creativity to bloom.

3 Spaces to declutter now:

  1. Your office space. Especially if you work from home or the area where you work on your creative projects—it’s time to sift through all the papers, old poster boards, and clutter you don’t need anymore. Often we hold onto things, fearful that there won’t be more ideas to come our way, or we think that we may need that old calendar or random pieces of paper later.

I admit—I’m notorious for this one. As a writer and someone who always has a new project on the go—I have so many papers all over the place. Even in my attempt to organize these hundreds of loose papers in plastic holders, the truth is it’s a lot of paper I rarely go into. The act of throwing things away is hard. But it’s also a great opportunity to get clear on your priorities.

When you go through all your papers, notes and half-done projects—you’re confronted with making a choice: deciding which ones are times to let go of and which ones you’ll focus on.

By making a choice you invite abundance to enter your life. Instead of spreading your energy thin, and having loose papers (which represent loose ends) all over the place that are symbols of this fragmented energy—clean it up. In this act you’re stating that you’re ready to get clear, focused and commit to the project that will bring your heart the most joy and in the process the most abundance.


  1. Your Closet. If shopping is a hobby than you likely have way more clothes than you need—it’s time to declutter and let go of the excess. On the other hand if you rarely go shopping, I’m sure there’s still plenty to declutter—I know for myself it’s certainly the case. I don’t have tons of clothes to throw out. At the same time I still have clothes I never wear, haven’t worn in over a year and that’s taking up space. I believe whatever you wear you should feel good in. If you own something you don’t feel good in—especially if you bought an item that you thought you needed for work or an important event but it’s really not your style—it’s time to get rid of those items. When you clear out your closet it makes space for the new to enter. And even someone like me who hates to shop, I love when I’m randomly walking down a street and I see something from a storefront window that I fall in love with and get. It happens. Rarely. But it happens. When you clear out the clutter you make space for the new to arrive. Plus when it comes to clothing you can give your old stuff away to those in need (Such as Goodwill, Salvation Army, etc…) Not only will you feel more revived from letting go of the things that don’t fit you (physically and emotionally) but you also end up helping another in the process. That’s abundance, and it always leads to more abundance flowing your way.


  1. Your Kitchen. Kitchen’s often lurk with clutter. Whether it’s old food that hasn’t been eaten in over a year and presents a health hazard, or food that’s plain old bad for you (toss anything that states there’s hydrogenated oil or partially hydrogenated oil in it immediately!) Our kitchens often hold clutter from worn out appliances to tools we never use. Look through your pantries and cupboards and if theres anything you haven’t used for a year—toss it, sell it, or give it away. That bread maker you haven’t used in 5 years? Its time for it to go (Or get baking tonight to prove to yourself it’s useful!) That blender that’s still in its package? Give it away or make your first green smoothie tonight. If there’s anything taking up space that you aren’t using—let it go. And all the items that are not healthy—it’s time for them to go. My short list is: anything with hydrogenated oil, msg, words you cannot pronounce, and refined white sugar. For a more comprehensive list of what to eat and how food impacts your energy levels and health—check out this book. As you declutter your kitchen you’ll feel more spaciousness, and if you toss all the unhealthy foods your energy will skyrocket—helping you take more focused action on your creative work, leading to abundance.

Keep it Simple:

Choose one area to tackle today. Even if you take 20 minutes and toss out 1 item—that alone will lead to abundance.

In the past as I cleaned out my office from old papers and it was followed by a new client. Or I’d clear out my closet and I’d receive a check in the mail. It’s amazing how cleaning up our physical space leads to abundance. It does. It’s like a law of the universe, and it feels like magic.

Happy cleaning to you, and wishing you lots of abundance and joy as we spring into a new season which is the heart of creativity and growth.

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