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Knowledge Vs Growth: What it takes to create a change

“Aquiring knowledge doesn’t mean you’re growing.  Growing happens when what you know changes how you live.”
~Bob Biddinger


How many times have you read an article, got inspired, and then thought, “I’ll do that later”

If you’re nodding your head it’s because that’s what the majority of people do.

We have our good intentions, we say we want to change, we even make ourselves believe we want to change–but we don’t.

So what keeps us stuck?

There’s a multitude of reasons we stay stuck and say things like “Oh yeah, that exercise program looks good, I’m planning to start that” but don’t. Or “Yeah, drinking a green smoothie a day sounds like an easy way to get my greens in…I’ve been planning on that”..(And yet you still haven’t had one…ever!)

Today I’m sharing a new strategy: it’s Lewin’s Force Field Analysis, which can explain the reason we don’t change:

Lewin’s Force Field Analysis goes like this: with everything there are driving forces – the part of us that says “Yeah I need to write that e-book for my business” and there are resisting forces that keep us where we are; stuck and maintaining the status quo with thoughts like “What will my parents/friends/colleagues think of me if I quit my real estate career to live in the forest and start a permaculture farm while I write my book?”

Driving forces.

Resisting forces.


Every time you say “I want to start my business”  or “I want to start [fill in the blank]”  this proves you posses a DRIVING FORCE and that’s a wonderful thing.

But every time you don’t take action it means that the RESISTING Force won out.

For change to happen the driving force needs to outrun the resisting force. 

Because there’s always a resisting force. Resistance is real. Resistance is strong. And if you’ve heard me talk about this in the past, I often credit Steven Pressfield for helping me first understand resistance for the force that it is.

It’s a force of nature. It’s something we all face on a daily basis

The dark side of resistance is we often feel alone. Like we’re the only one facing it. And our resistance then couples up with fear and that’s a dragon that’s bound to win over the driving force any day.

And that’s why it’s so common to read or hear about something, or have a great idea, yet delay taking action on it. The dragon won.

So how do you beat the dragon?

Well according to my friend Bob (who’s quoted at the top of this article) “The key is to effectively dislodge the resisting forces”

And that my friend is the answer.

You see most of the time:

  1. We don’t even know resistance is there
  2. We don’t want to admit to resistance once we become aware of it (Hello procrastination and excuses)
  3. We feel alone–as if we’re the only one’s dealing with this massive force
  4. We’re scared to push back against resistance


So now we need to dismantle the resisting force.

It begins with:

  1. Acknowledge the things you don’t change and the steps you don’t take
  2. Dare to look in the dark and find out why you’re not making a change. Is it laziness? Is it comfort? Is it fear of uncertainty–working on something with no guaranteed result? Fear of what other’s will think or say about you? Fear of complete dismal failure, or worse – nobody even noticing that you did anything. Once you can look in the dark and see what’s truly stopping you–it becomes a lot easier to dislodge the resisting force because now you know exactly what needs to be beat. Now you know exactly what you can do to counterbalance that resisting force. But you gotta look into the dark to see the light.
  3. Know that you’re NOT alone. We ALL face resistance every day. Yes, even celebrities and famous entrepreneurs and authors. It’s a human life force. Resistance is real and nobody escapes it. Knowing this alone should help inspire you to take action on #4
  4. Push back against resistance.  Give it a couple of pushes and the way ahead will clear. Go against the status quo. Take one action forward on the dream project you’ve wanted to start.


There’s always a step you can take now. That one thing you’re not doing – the thing you keep procrastinating even though it’s top of your priority list – that’s the thing you need to do now.

Do something.

Knowledge of what to do isn’t enough. You need to take action.

Don’t let this be just one more article that inspires you, where you leave the page and think “That’s awesome, I’ll do that later”

Do something now.

And then come back here in a few hours and tell me about it in the comments. I’ll be waiting 😉

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  • anthony August 20, 2015,

    This is an awesome read! Thank you. Reminds me of a song I love:
    ‘words without work is not enough’

    • Tova Payne August 20, 2015,

      Yes!! I love that song. Thanks for your comment, I’m happy you liked it 🙂


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