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The Power of a Practice to Beat Procrastination

One of the questions I get asked the most is how to vanquish the dragon of procrastination.

Procrastination can kill your dreams faster than anything.

Procrastination is:  checking your e-mail/Facebook/twitter/phone… when you should be writing/creating/innovating

Procrastination is:  that voice of “Oh, it’ll just be this one thing I’ll look up”

Procrastination can eat up your whole day and all of a sudden the day’s over and you feel exhausted, even-though nothing got done.


And if you’re reading this, I wouldn’t be surprised if you’ve already read several other articles on How to Beat Procrastination and How to be More Productive.

So I’m not gonna give you any of that. Instead what I have for you is one simple daily action that will actually train the muscle of discipline so that you’ll have newfound strength against procrastination.

This is the power of a practice:

A practice is something you commit do everyday no matter what. It can be as short as 5 minutes, and the point of it is it trains your brain to stay focused.

The same way you brush your teeth every morning (I Hope 😉  is the same way you should integrate a morning practice into your life.

When you actively incorporate a disciplined daily practice into your life it strengths the muscle of discipline and focus which is necessary to beat procrastination and take focused action on your dreams.

So take a look at your morning routine and make the decision to add in a 5-minute practice.

The practice can be:

  1. Meditation
  2. Yoga
  3. Walk
  4. Journalling
  5. Dance
  6. Reading

Add something that will inspire/awaken/ or clear your mind.

Now 5 minutes is a the minimum since I know most people on the planet are already overwhelmed. But I can tell you this: 5 minutes DOES have a major impact, and here’s why:

Because during those 5 minutes of meditation or (whatever you choose to do as your practice) you will likely be met with a wandering mind:

A mind that says – “Why didn’t I hit snooze?”

A mind that says – “I should get on with my day”

A mind that say – “I wonder what’s happening on Facebook/Twitter/Instagram”

A mind that wants to distract itself and do something else…..

By deliberately choosing to stay focused on the practice you have chosen—you are strengthening the muscle of discipline and focus and when you do this you’ll be building the muscle that has the power to beat procrastination.

Discipline beats procrastination. It’s that simple. And now you have a tangible actionable way to build your discipline.

If you build your muscle of discipline through a daily practice you will beat procrastination. And when you beat procrastination that long awaited novel/business plan/project can take form and move forward to completion.

Then, the next time you have a scheduled time-block to work on your dream/creative work/business, you just need to remember to treat that time as if it is your practice.

Likely you’ll have booked off an hour (more or less) and just like your morning practice don’t be surprised if:

  • You’re tempted to check your phone (that incoming text sound can be tempting, so it’s recommended that you put your phone on silent)
  • Have an urge to go clean your desk
  • Get a spark of an idea to start a different project
  •  Think about making some calls that were also on your to-do list
  • And so on…..

Basically—don’t be surprised if your mind wanders to do anything but the specific project at hand.

The practice is: notice the urges that arise, and let them go. Turn your focus back to the specific project that you sat down to do.

Just like in meditation—as you attempt to focus on your breath the mind tends to wander off…the practice is to notice the distraction and then let it go. In meditation—you return to the breath to release the distraction. In this case you’ll return to your work to let go of the distraction.

Continue this practice until your allotted time is up.

You will gleefully marvel at how fast and productive you become when you take on your work as a practice and when you strengthen your discipline muscles through a daily morning practice.

The power of a practice has the power to change your life.

Now, I’d love to hear from you: are you gonna try on the power of a practice in your life?

Do you already have a morning practice but now plan to take that quality of focused practice into your soul-inspired work? Tell me in the comments below

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  • pieter B February 6, 2015,

    Thank you so much! I loved this article and it has so much sense to it. My practices are through art in general expression (mainly guitar). I have to admit I’m a procrastinator but you inspired me to evaluate more clearly on why i procrastinate! Just turned 18 and already loving life more and more by the presence! Much love and appreciation, pieter

    • Tova Payne February 6, 2015,

      Thank You Pieter. Makes me happy to hear this article helped 🙂

  • Anthony February 5, 2015,

    Hi Tova,
    I enjoy this article because it is so true. I recently implemented a 10 min practice to my morning routine and well, I have written several pages of my book and have even be able to feel the universal wisdom through my body when messages arrive

    • Tova Payne February 5, 2015,

      Thank You Anthony. I’m so happy to hear that. I think that’s amazing. I cant wait to hear more about your book 🙂

  • Alpha February 4, 2015,

    Am fine, Tova! Happy Feb to you too! I liked the topic…. and that’s very true… Through practice,We can beat procrastination. Thank you and have a blessed evening!

    • Tova Payne February 4, 2015,

      Thank You Alpha! Wishing you a great evening too 🙂


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