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Why Being a Contribution is Essential to Soulful Business

If you’ve ever felt stuck in your business or life (and most of the time, these two things go together) there’s an easy key to unlock this feeling:

Ask yourself: “How can I serve?” and “What can I do today to be a contribution?”

It might be as simple as writing a blog post that helps uplift, inspire or educate somebody on a certain subject, it might be helping out a friend who’s going through a tough time, it might be holding the door open for somebody who has their hands full.

Being a contribution doesn’t have to be a global act, it just needs to be giving from the heart.

In business, if you ask yourself this one question every morning, you are bound for success:

That Question is:

How can I contribute today?

What one action can I do that will help benefit somebody else?

After all: business is about being of service:

Whether it’s to make life more enjoyable, or to eliminate a painful problem—if you are contributing to the life of somebody else you are being of service. It sounds so simple, and yet it’s easy to get caught up in stuff

And when I say stuff—I mean the endless distractions…The phone, the e-mails, the Facebook, Twitter, and every other social media application that’s causing our brain to get more and more scattered by the day.

So it’s important to take a time-out and reflect: Are you spending the majority of your day distracting yourself, or creating things and doing things that truly contribute to others?

A great way to set the tone for being a contribution for the day is in how you start your day:

Instead of starting your day checking your inbox/ phone/ social media accounts, you can start your day with a 5-minute meditation and end it with the request:

“Dear Universe: Please show me the way to being a contribution today”

This one token/prayer/thought/idea will change your business and your life.

And get this: sometimes the answer might be:

Check your e-mail (Maybe there is somebody you can earnestly help by answering their question)

Maybe the answer that you’ll receive is to get started on a blog post, an e-book, a podcast, or some other physical program to help contribute to the life of others.

Maybe you’ll get a clear intuitive hit to volunteer your time at a shelter.

Sometimes your inspiration will be directly related to your work and other times not.

The idea is to be open to hearing the message that comes through when you ask the daily question:

What Can I do to contribute today?

And, then if you hear/sense/feel a clear message – act on it.

And if no clear intuition comes through: then go about business as usual, but always holding the intention in your heart: How can I be a contribution today?

Because holding that statement in your heart WILL impact everything you do.

It will make every choice stronger, more precise and powerful.

And this question can act as a barometer for how you’re using your precious time.

I mean, is Facebook really gonna bring you a step closer to being a contribution?

It might. Maybe you’ll help answer somebody’s question, or post an inspiring graphic that will uplift somebody’s mood.

But if you know that you’re just gonna troll in there for a few hours—dare to make a better choice.

Sometimes we need to physically turn the computer off and step away.

Sometimes the BEST way to be a contribution is to re-energize ourselves.

After all if we are not contributing to our own physical, mental, emotional and spiritual well being, then we won’t be as well-equipped to be fully present and be a contribution for others.

Sometimes, our contribution for the day will mean taking a day for total self care, so that we can be more effective in contributing to others tomorrow.

But this whole blog post is here to simply leave you with one message today:

Focus on being a contribution first, business second, and you will live your success.

What do you have planned today to contribute to others?

Tell me in the comments below.

And my way of contributing to you:

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  • Anthony November 5, 2014,

    I plan on sacrificing my sleep to play hockey for a team in need 🙂


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