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7 Ways to Energize Your Business


If you want to operate your business from a place of unique innovation and honesty, you need to operate from the inside out—what I like to call soul-centric operations for your business.

There’s always a lot of  hype and buzz of the “newest thing” the  “latest and greatest”  the  “gotta have”  “must try”  —  that it’s easy to get caught up in the noise of the trends and the “shoulds.”  And when you do—it’s exhausting and throws you off course.

There is an easier way:

You can energize your business from the inside out by applying soulful practices to your business. And one of these practices comes from ancient wisdom: The Chakras.

If you’ve never heard about it before, today I’m giving a mini crash-course on the Chakras, and how this information can be used as a tool to help you make better decisions in your business and life.

I first became acquainted with the 7 Chakras via Caroline Myss and her book Anatomy of The Spirit, which I highly recommend as staple reading material when it comes to understanding the Chakras.

The Chakras are like energy centers in our body and they relate to physical, emotional and subtle feelings.

Our body is an energetic machine—every second while awake and asleep our body is metabolizing energy as it repairs and replenishes our internal organs and external body frame.

The human body is amazing and it’s our most direct contact with the world.

One of the most amazing parts of our body is its ability to change and adapt to our environment. What we feed our body and how we move our body plays a massive role in our energy levels, mood and actual physical shape.

Beyond the physical are the subtle energy levels. By subtle energy I refer to feelings, intuitions, hunches, and thoughts that arise in and around our body. For example—have you ever sat in a room as somebody walked in and you felt their presence before actually hearing or seeing them?

Or have you ever met someone where right away your stomach churned with nausea, or alternatively you met someone for the first time and feel a softness around your heart, as if you’ve known this person forever even though it’s the first time you ever met?

Those are all subtle feelings and subtle energies. These feelings and energies are accompanied by a physical sensation in our body in a certain area of our body.

Often the location that we feel something can tell us a lot about the deeper cause behind what we feel and even give us clues to deepen our understanding about occurrences, choices, and people we interact with.

In work and life there are often moments where we have tough decisions to make and the logical decision is not always the best answer.

By understanding the subtle energy centers in your body, you will have a newfound tool to understanding yourself and a new way to filter decisions and so-called opportunities.

Especially in business, often we’ll be served up a sparkly new offer that on the surface looks like we “gotta have it” but if you spend some time filtering the new offer through your subtle energy centers you will have a better way of assessing if this new thing is a bonus or detraction to your business growth.

The first step is to learn about the 7 energy centers.

The second step is to become aware of the feelings in your physical body throughout the day, specifically after interacting with somebody or something in your business, life, or relationships. More specifically I mean notice how you feel after spending time on social media, writing a post, reading an article, talking to a client, creating something, meeting someone new, learning about a new tool, etc..

The third step is making connections and gathering a deeper understanding through reflection and self-trust about what you feel and where you feel it (I’ll talk more about this as I write about the energy centers below)

As you become more aware of where you feel thoughts, feelings, ideas, and hunches, you will have a deeper understanding of why something rubs you the right and wrong way and you’ll be better equipped to clear out and let go of negative situations in your life, and be able to make better decisions that are in the best interest of you and your business.

Step 1 is about gathering a brief understanding of these 7 energy centers, also known as Chakras. The Chakra’s – which is the name for the energy centers is something you can certainly study more in depth, and as you study it you will likely find contradictions and even overlap from one source to another. So just like anything, especially when it comes to the more spiritual studies: do not believe anything on face value. Always filter what you learn through your inner guidance system. If something feels like a YES! Then it IS a YES! And if something doesn’t feel right, then don’t just buy into it because you read it somewhere! Take your time to deepen your study and come up with your own opinion on what you believe is true based on what feels right to you.

Ok, without further ado, here goes!

There are 7 chakras that run along the spinal column.

When all the energy centers are flowing in balance life is smooth.

When we encounter troubles, pain, or that feeling that “something isn’t right” there is often an imbalance or lack of flow between the chakras.

What I find fascinating is each of the chakras correlate to the 7 endocrine glands in our body. Endocrine glands are what makes hormones in our body, and science has documented the fierce effect that hormones play on our mood and feelings!

The first chakra begins at the very base of the spine. Its physical area extends from the base of the spine/the glutes/anus/all the way out through our legs and is the root chakra: our base of support. This chakra is often related to all issues of the tribe, the family unit, security, safety and our ability to provide for ourselves. This is our home base, our sense of security and belonging. Often fears around financial security and our ability to “stand on our own two feet” are related to an imbalance of the root chakra. The color related to the root is Red and the endocrine system related is the gonad/reproductive hormones.


The second Chakra is the Sacral Chakra and its area is just below the belly button. It’s corresponding endocrine gland is the adrenals (which create the stress hormone cortisol—which in minute amounts help us get things done, yet in excess can lead to anxiety and adrenal fatigue). It often relates to the sexual organs, and lower back region.  The second chakra relates to our relationships with others, our relationship to power money and sex, which often get misconstrued together, especially in our culture where money and sex are often used to leverage power. For example, using sex to sell is an example of out-of-balance second-chakra society. A need to control others is also an imbalance of the second chakra. The Second chakra is also our center of creativity, and positive relationships with others and a positive healthy loving relationship with money. The color related to the Sacral Chakra is Orange.


The third Chakra is the Solar Plexus, and it just above the belly button, its related endocrine gland is the spleen – which secretes insulin regulating blood sugar levels. The third chakra relates to our relationship with ourselves. This is the hoe of self-esteem, self-love and self-worth. This is about trusting yourself, caring for yourself and having the inner will to make your own decisions and standing behind them. When out of balance you may feel extra sensitive to criticism or allow a negative comment to throw you way off course. Feeling bad about yourself or not good enough to be who you are or show up in your business relate to the third chakra. The corresponding colour is Yellow.


The fourth Chakra is the Heart Chakra, and yes you guessed it—its location is the heart-center. The related endocrine gland is the thymus which creates our Immune cells for a strong immune system. This is also the area of our lungs, or breath, shoulders and all the way out through the arms. This chakra relates to love and hate, gratitude and resentment/bitterness. It is the place of embracing others and being alone, the place of compassion and anger. An imbalance can show up as self-centeredness, loneliness or feeling numb/inability to feel love or be open to love and true connection. A sad and heavy heart often plays a toll on the immune system (you may find yourself getting more sick than usual) and even science has shown us the link between our immunity and our happiness (This is the field of psycho-neuro-immunology). The colour related to the Heart Chakra is Green (sometimes pink)


The fifth Chakra is the throat chakra, located by the throat and its corresponding endocrine gland is the thyroid which regulates metabolism. The area extends throughout the throat area, the mouth, lips, teeth and gums. Our throat represents our ability to speak our mind, to speak our truth and to speak up for ourselves. It is the ability to be heard and seen and speak up for what we believe. This is the home of self-expression, following our dreams, and using our will to create what we desire. The throat chakra also relates to judgements and criticism, and our ability to make decisions. The colour related to the Throat Chakra is blue.


The sixth Chakra is the Third Eye Chakra which is the space right in between our two eyebrows. The corresponding endocrine gland the pineal gland which controls sleep and wake cycles. The Third Eye is the home of intuition and of deeper seeing. It is the place of “knowing without seeing” It also relates to our mind, intellect, truth, openness to learning and new experiences and our emotional/feeling-intelligence. An imbalance here may show up as feeling out of touch with your intuition , not trusting your intuition or feeling your cannot access your intuition. The colour associated here is Indigo.


The seventh Chakra is the Crown Chakra and it’s the area at the top of our head and its related endocrine gland is the pituitary gland, also known as “The master gland” which controls a lot of the other hormones down the line and helps to maintain balance in the body. This is the Chakra that relates to our connection to spirit, soul and the universe. It is the Chakra that connects us with the “other worlds” This is the home of spirituality, connecting to your soul, having faith, belief and trust in life. Often chronic exhaustion that is not related to any organic/physical cause is related to an imbalance here. The crown chakra also relates to our ability to see the bigger picture/bigger pattern of life and the unfolding of life as unified, whole and perfect. The colour related to the Crown Chakra is Purple, and white.


Now that you’ve read these brief descriptions you have a few tools to reflect upon. Let me explain how:


Let’s say you’re about to give a talk to a group of people, as you practice the talk you feel your throat constricting, and I mean actual raspy physical tension.

This is an indication that something isn’t quite right. Then it’s on you to dive deeper and make the connection: For example is the talk you’re giving not a true reflection of what you really believe? Is there ay way that you are stifling your authentic self expression of what you really want to share? Or maybe is it that you ARE about to share the truth of your point of view, and doing this is just flat out scary? Once you determine which one it is you can then take appropriate action and clear the area.

You can clear it simply by being aware of it. Sometimes you may need to refine your talk to make sure you’re being more honest and in alignment with yourself, and other times it means practicing speaking up and being who you are.

Now, the colours related to the different chakras can be helpful. Some people find that eating food the colour of the chakra that needs support helps in healing the area, or wearing an item of clothing with the colour may help. Basically if you like colour and resonate with the colours described above you can play with colour as “colour therapy” to decide for yourself if it has any impact on your experience.

Also, let’s say you’re having difficulty in believing in yourself and your business, you can take a moment and assess: where is the problem coming from?

Take a moment to sit still, take 5 deep breaths and feel if there is an area that calls out to you. It may be your feeling of self-worth that need some nurturing in order to get out of your own way in growing your business. It may be some root chakra imbalances and working with your sense of security and support, it may be more to do with your Sixth Chakra—your ability to make decisions and trust your intuition as you move your business plans forward.

Once you can locate where the core issue is (and sometimes it is more than 1 chakra that needs support) you can start to actively care for this area.

So colour is one way. Another way is a chakra-meditation where you focus on the chakra (or chakras) that need attention and support and send your breath, love and energy to the chakras that feel weak or out of balance.

In the past I’ve spoken about affirmations, and you can create an affirmation for the chakra that needs support. For example, let’s say you’re having trouble fully expressing yourself in your business you can repeat an affirmation such as “I speak up for myself” and say it over and over as a meditation for 5 minutes or so.

By learning about and integrating the chakra system into your life and business, you have one more vital tool to working with more soul in your business and life.

Now, I’d love to hear from you

Do you have something you want to add about the Chakras?

Have you ever done Chakra work before and how has it helped you in your life?

Please share in the comments below, and if you have a question about the Chakras comments below and I’ll answer 🙂



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