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How to Overcome the Fear of Judgements

Has the fear of judgement stopped you from doing, being or creating what you deeply desire?

In business and life, the fear of being judged by others can stop us from releasing a blog post, a book, a course, and basically that fear can put us out of business, and stop us from living the freedom-style–life we want.

Judgements never feel good, whether we’re the one making them, or feeling them directed our way.

The first step to stopping their impact is starting with ourselves.

Through becoming aware of our own judgements we start to free ourselves from the feeling of being judged.

You see when we become more accepting of others, we also become more accepting of ourselves, and vice versa.

Acceptance is contagious: by growing the muscle of acceptance you’ll find yourself less reactive to others and yourself.

When you do your own inner work by releasing judgements of others and yourself—you won’t get as triggered if somebody passes judgement on you or your work.

This is important in business and life. In business you often have to put yourself out there, and the number one fear I hear from other entrepreneurs is the fear of being judged.

So what’s the first step to releasing judgement?

You need to be aware of it if you want to trash it.

It’s a healthy practice to check ourselves and make sure we’re not the ones pouring judgement out.


At the same time—have your eyes wide open when someone tries to throw judgement your way. Because ANYTHING that somebody tries to give you—you have a choice to receive it or deflect it.

One of my favourite phrases I heard from a friend was “I’m not receiving that”


He’d say that anytime somebody made a comment about him that he did not agree with. He did not put up a fight or say the other person was wrong. He simply gave himself permission to not receive what the other person was sending out.

Be mindful and selective on what you allow to receive into your world.


You can choose. The next time you get a negative comment or feel judged—you don’t have to receive it. You don’t have to believe it and you certainly don’t have to give it the power to bring your energy and spirit down.

Because there’s no greater energy-killer than JUDGEMENT.


Whether we judge ourselves or others it burns us, and if you allow others judgements to penetrate you—that will burn you too.

How to Deal?

Awareness alone will start the change. Open your eyes and start noticing every time you think you’re better than somebody else and every time you think you’re inferior to someone else because you’re “not there yet.”  Imagine you could let go of comparing and judging and just focus on what you want for yourself versus needing to compare to anybody else.

And notice every time you feel judged. When we feel judged it could be our own inner critic/self-consciousness that’s in the way, but truth is – sometimes we are being explicitly judged. If you’ve ever received a negative e-mail or comment or review you know that when you put your work out in the world not everybody is going to like it, and you’re bound to have other people’s judgements thrown your way.

Your practice is to literally take the garbage-of-judgement (and yes you can visualize it as a load of crap, because that’s what it is) and throw it away into an invisible trash-can.

You can also try using a statement such as “I’m not receiving that” or, “I release this judgement now” or “I release these things that are not mine” and simply repeat it a few times to help you let go and release all judgements and negative thoughts that don’t truly belong to you.

The Reward:

You will become free. When you allow others to be who they are, it frees you up to be who you are. (click this link to tweet it out 😉

When you strengthen your inner boundaries of what statements or judgements OTHERS put on you, you become free to live in the way you choose.

Let go of any need to exert your force of judgement on another. And make sure you create healthy boundaries so not to allow the judgements of others to wear you down. You deserve better.

This Weeks Challenge:

For the next 5 days become more aware of when you pass or feel a judgement come your way. Make note of it, and do your best to deal with it. If you make a judgement, you can say, I release my need to judge”. And if you feel a judgement made at you, say something like I release myself from receiving this judgement”

Then notice how you feel and what changes erupt through doing this.

Then in the comments I want to hear from you:

What do you think about judgements? How do you deal with them? Was this helpful?

Share your insights and thoughts in the comments below.

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