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Everyday Miracles in Life + Biz

Miracles are in front of us everyday in business and life. Some call it luck, good timing, or hard work finally paying off.

But how do you believe in everyday miracles, especially when things are going a little rough?

Well, have you ever experienced something that changed your perception forever?

I have. One of the simplest examples that come to mind is my experience with a moon-set.

You see, for as long as I could remember I experienced sun-rise and sun set. But the moon—that was something high in the sky, and some days I’d see it and some days it would be hiding.

That was just the way it was, until my twenties, when I witnessed the moon set into the Pacific Ocean.

I was in total awe. Obviously I missed Astronomy class.

When I saw that, I was thinking what the heck!? The MOON sets!? Why of course it does, but I had never seen it until that day and if you would have told me about this, I may not have believed you.

You see it’s NOT something you see every day, and it’s one of things that are rare to witness, and so there is little reason to believe it happens unless you’re on the up and up with the solar system.

Ever since that day I’ve never see the moon in the same way again.

And I had to see it to know it, believe it, and be in awe of it.

Especially since it’s such a rare thing to witness (because it happens at odd hours, and to really see it you have to be by an ocean).

However, it DOES happen. It’s real. It’s an everyday miracle that you can witness.

And this is a metaphor to miracles in our lives.

Miracles happen. That random phone call or note giving you an opportunity better than you could have hoped for. Finding the perfect book at the perfect time in your life. Receiving a mentor just when you need it most. Those are miracles.

Big miracles don’t happen every day. Little miracles do (I mean the fact you’re breathing right now, really it’s a miracle) but the big miracles, the lucky breaks—those don’t happen as often.

But they ARE out there. Be open to receiving miracles. Be open to seeing things in a new way. After all, when you see things from a new angle, you are experiencing a miracle.

And when things get tough, it’s easy to fall into a slump where you forget that miracles do happen. But on the odd hour, in the right place and time—they do happen.

Next time you’re in a slump, just think of the moon, and remember, miracles happen.

In the comments below I want to hear from you. I want to know:
1. Have you ever seen a moon-set? 😉
2. What miracles have you experienced lately?

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  • Jennifer @ Sterling Sweets March 11, 2014,

    I have to say I was a bit low when I first opened my email, but your post has helped me to shift my thinking. I was stuck in “lack mentality,” thinking about everything that I don’t have; focused on what’s missing.

    I’ve never seen a moon-set, but reading your post reminded me of all of the small miracles that have presented themselves to me over the past few days. I received an offer for free business coaching a couple days ago and was asked to teach a nutrition workshop, both things that I’ve been trying to manifest over the past few months. Thanks for helping me make the shift!

    I’m definitely gonna consult “the Google” to find out when the next moon-set is and park myself near the water!

    • Tova Payne March 11, 2014,

      Jennifer – I’m SO happy this article contributed to a shift! Yay!! That means a lot, Thank you for sharing. And that is so incredible that you manifested 2 incredible opportunities – that is SO inspiring!! I wish you a magical day. xo


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