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How to Create a Terrific Opt In

If you’re in business—this post is for you.

An opt-in is something you give to people who sign up to be a part of your inner circle, your tribe, your weekly (or monthly) newsletters. And since we are all so busy, the fact that somebody is saying YES to YOU and saying “YES I invite you into my Inbox”—well they deserve a gift for that, and that gift is your opt-in.

Remember, people are too busy to sign up for your “newsletter.” Having a newsletter is meaningless. However, if you can create something really valuable, and give it to people as a gift for thanking them for letting you into their beloved inbox—this is a key to business growth, building relationships, and letting people know what you’re about and how you can help them.

Personally, I love creating opt-ins and have created 4 of them in under a year.

Through trial and err I learned what differentiates a good opt-in to an opt-in that converts and leads to more engaged followers, referrals, and sales.

First of all, it’s better to have something than nothing.

So if you are in mad panic mode, you can certainly put something together fairly fast so that you have it “for now”.

But don’t leave it that way. If you do—you are missing out on an incredible opportunity to wow a potential customer.

You need to have a compelling opt-in that actually helps people get more of what they want and less of what they don’t want—if you want it to translate to an engaged new member of your tribe.

Your opt-in is like the first date. You want to make a good impression and show what you have to offer, while still leaving them wanting to come see you again next week (for your next blog post)

On the surface it may seem like your opt-in is just there to look good in order to get a new subscriber.

The truth is a great opt-in should showcase your ability to help someone, and demonstrate your talents, and your generosity.

It’s also a fantastic way to get people to connect with you on social media, gain inside tips on what THEY want to know about—after all your subscribers are your inner circle of people following your work, and by asking them what they want, you can start to craft blogs and paid products that are exactly what they are looking for.

Basically you want your opt-in to wow people.

You want your opt-in to be better than what people think they will get.

You want to create an opt-in that is done with care.

Your opt-in should be created and geared for your dream client.

It should be so good that the person is interested in continuing a relationship with you (excited for your next post) which over time will lead to a higher likelihood of them becoming a client.

You opt-in—if done right, should feel to you like you’d wanna charge $40+ for it (but out of generosity you give it as a free gift!)

Your opt-in should feel like way more than a blog post.

Your Opt In should be a really great gift.

Your opt-in should be valuable and help your dream client gain clarity, solve a specific problem, entertain or inspire them to do something amazing, or move forward in their work/life/health (whatever it is you do for your dream client).

And don’t get too hung up on it either.

Do your best, make it available for people to receive,  but just because you created an opt-in doesn’t mean it’s complete forever—especially if it’s your first one.

Your opt-in will likely change over time, especially if your business starts to morph and change (as most businesses do).

Always be at the top of your game with your opt-in, and if you are not getting as many subscribers as you want, you might be due for an opt-in reboot.

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  • Jennifer Kennedy March 10, 2014,

    Great post, Tova!! I created an opt-in offer last year that I thought was pretty good, but after some feedback I’ve realized that I need to make it a bit more streamlined and easier to implement. I love your benchmark of making it feel as though you’ve given away a $40 product for free.

    I’ll be redoing my opt-in in the next few weeks, so thanks for sharing your best practices!!!

    • Tova Payne March 10, 2014,

      Oh Thanks Jennifer! I’m happy this post was helpful!! Yes, I feel opt-ins are like computer programs: always coming out with a new edition 😉


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