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Whoever Told You There’s a Blueprint to Business Was Lying.

The first year or two of business is like the first year of a University Program.

Have you ever been through Uni or College? If you have you’ll relate to what I’m about to say. And even if you haven’t you’ll get a good laugh, and can probably relate on another level.

The first year of any University program tends to be the hardest. It’s also known as the weed-out year. It’s like a hazing process.
“Let’s make this excruciatingly tough on them to see who makes it through”

The first year at Uni. is the toughest because you’re in a whole new league game. You don’t have the structure from High School—nobody knows or cares if you show up to class and you have to be self-accountable to make it through the semester. There’s no blueprint on how to navigate the overload of things to do either. You gotta figure out for yourself what’s worth reading and what textbook was a total waste of money.
Nobody’s calling home if you skip class. Actually—nobody cares.

So it’s on you to care or quit.

That’s just like the start-up phase to business.
Nobody knows if you show up to work. It’s all on you. And frankly the reward isn’t always in easy reach.
You have to believe in yourself enough to wake up every day, and “get to class”

There is no blueprint that’s fool proof. That’s what makes the entrepreneurial journey so challenging and fun.

Sure, with everybody calling themselves an expert these days (have you seen that “Become an Expert in a Day” offer? It’s out there), It’s hard to know who to listen to and what really works.
Probably the only thing harder than trekking through Uni is trekking through your own business. Not only does nobody care if you show up, there are no steadfast rules.

And if anybody tries to tell you “This is the ONLY thing you will ever need” They are lying.

There, I said it. What works for one successful person may not work for you.
That is why, once you have learned some of the basics, and have had support from coaches, mentors and teachers, and once you’ve done a boatload of studying, course-taking and researching there is only one final test that matters.

You MUST launch. You must experiment and learn from yourself what really works.

I don’t care if it’s your audio recording, your e-book, your new coaching program or online course.
The only test you get in the entrepreneurial life is (as Seth Godin famously says) SHIP YOUR PRODUCT. That means: you need to put your work out there.

Once you ship it you’ll know if anybody cares about it.

Because here’s what I know:
You can take every course, do everything by the book, launch your product and service and NOTHING happens. You can also break all the rules, try something different and have a very successful experiment.

Business is about experimenting.

Sure, you can follow some of the rules. Some things have a pretty high track record to success (like you can’t just sit in bed and dream all day to create the life you want, you actually have to DO something about it)

But sometimes you gotta shut out all the noise and just put your thing out there already.

Just do it. I dare you. Especially if you’ve been waiting for your music recording to be “just right” or waiting to have that “perfect launch” or waiting for every grammar err to be erased before hitting “publish.”

Seriously, as Seth Godin teaches in Linchpin if you don’t ship—your art isn’t art, and if you don’t ship NOBODY is gonna benefit and you fail the test.

So if you wanna get in the game, whether it’s your own business or sharing your music—Send it out. If not today, by the end of this week.

And I challenge you—tell me in the comments what are you gonna launch? Are you gonna put out a blog post? A podcast? A recording on youtube? What’s it gonna be? Share it here.


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  • Catherine | Fit Armadillo February 21, 2014,

    I love this post! I believe there is no blueprint and I’m in year one of my business so this is exactly what I needed to hear! Enjoy the analogy too 🙂

    • Tova Payne February 21, 2014,

      Thanks Catherine! So happy the article resonated 🙂

  • Anthony February 19, 2014,

    Thanks Tova 🙂
    This article was the inspiration for me to finally put out a track I’ve been working on.
    It’s live on you tube now!
    Here it is if you’d like to check it out 🙂

    • Tova Payne February 19, 2014,

      Wahoo!!! Im so excited to hear that 🙂 It’s a great song 🙂


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