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Can Spirituality Drive Success + Innovation?

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When I say spirituality, I’m referring to a feeling. That’s all. It’s that thing that cannot be explained through linguistics, semantics or abstract philosophical discussions.
It’s that thing when you see a sunset and feel a sense of awe. Or you’re sitting by a still lake and feel that inner stillness in yourself. It is a deep sense of connection that is based on a deep inner feeling that you cannot explain in words because it needs to be experienced to be understood.

So if you know what I’m talking about, if you’ve felt it, then here is my question to you:
Do you believe spirituality impacts your business?

This is one thing I know without a doubt.
I believe that my internal well-being and my internal connection and my own happiness on a personal and spiritual level is directly related to the well-being of my business.

If I am not clear in myself,
then there will be haze in my business.
If I am hiding from my own truth
There will not be truth in my business
If I don’t value myself and what I offer neither will my business be valued
If I am not free in myself to thrive
My business will not be free to thrive.

And although I may have known this on an intellectual front, it was on a recent trip to the Arizona desert where I had one of those spiritual core-deep experiences where I KNEW this was true.

I was sitting for 4 hours in one spot amongst cacti and naked desert trees. Oh yeah, and there was a pile of shit between 3 trees, which honestly was hilarious because in that shit was a huge metaphor (keep reading and you’ll find out)

The trees symbolized old relationships in my life that were holding me back from showing up and being free. There were old relationships that were stopping me from feeling free inside my own emotional and spiritual wellness. And what I learned from the tress that day was that all that nonsense was indeed a pile of shit. I mean literally there was a pile of shit between the trees that represented the relationships that were no longer contributing to my growth.

Now that is what I call a spiritual experience. Being alone in nature sitting amongst trees and having epiphanies cascade towards me and the perfect metaphor in plain sight to teach me the lesson I needed to learn:

Freedom in my life = freedom in my business.

I would say that that spiritual experience has certainly helped turn on the light to some new projects I have brewing.

And I share this with you—to open up this possibility inside of YOU
To ask yourself:
Where in your life are you holding yourself back?
Where in your life are you not free?
Notice how this mirrors into your bigger dreams, projects, work, or your biz.
Notice it.
That’s all you need to do.

Awareness alone will start to shift things.

If you believe you have a soul, so does everything around you.
Your projects, business and career endeavors have a soul too. And although they are separate from your soul they are connected. The health of your project is directly related to the health of you.
Sometimes when things don’t go right in our life we blame it on practical logistical errs.
But what if it was something internal that was creating the deadbolt against deeper success?

So if something ‘aint going right on the business or financial front of your life, it doesn’t hurt to take a look inside.

And then tell me—I want to know does spirituality and business mix for you?
Share in the comments below. Let’s get this conversation started.

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  • janet ward February 11, 2014,

    Right on Tova – I would go as far as to say that success without a spiritual foundation is no success at all!

    • Tova Payne February 11, 2014,

      Thank You Janet! And YES!! I Love what you say! (HUG)


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