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How to Overcome Fear of Making the Wrong Choice

Happy Tuesday!

Today I want to talk about what a lot of people face—how do you know if you’re making the RIGHT choice? When you have a decision to make, we can often get stuck because we are afraid of making the wrong choice and getting on the wrong road. And other times we think we know exactly where we want to go but then find out, it was the wrong road. What do you do when you find out that you are on the wrong road?

Well, over 10 years ago I was traveling in Costa Rica. I was absolutely sure about where I wanted to go, but I got on the wrong bus. Instead of getting on the bus that I was hoping would take me to the small beach town, I ended up on a bus going in the opposite direction to The Big City. This is what happens when you’re in a foreign land with very little Spanish on your tongue. Anyways, it was not that far into the ride that I got a bad feeling that I was on the wrong bus. So I asked the driver “Manuel Antonio?” and he replied “San Jose!”

Oh shizzle! I had to get off. I mumbled some words that he was able to understand enough to let me off the bus right there in the middle of the highway.

So there I was in the middle of the highway miles away from my destination and step by step I started walking my way back. Luckily, a taxi stopped for me, but I told him “ No tengo dinero,” I have no money! But he was so nice and drove me back anyways!

You know what I learned that day?

Even if you do get on the wrong road, you can always stop. Get off. And turn back. You can always turn back. Nothing is the end. So you mine as well make a choice and get going, and if it is not right, if you did in fact get on the wrong bus, you can, in an instant turn around, and get on the other road.

Often times, making a choice, and making the right choice, starts off by just making a choice! Through getting on the road, you will know, if you dare to listen to your inner guidance if you have made the right choice. If you haven’t, you just need to be brave enough to accept that the current choice was not in fact the best one, and dare to get off and turn around.

So get on your road, make a choice and get going. Listen to the inner voice that we all have that let’s us know if we are on the right path. When you get that feeling inside that something just isn’t right, and you feel it over and over, that is a strong message to turn around.
Please share in the comments, and share your story about making a choice and what you learned from your experience.

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