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Enhance Your Life With The Practice of Gratitude

The quality of gratitude is something that can be cultivated like a muscle.

The human mind has a tendency to repeat its thoughts. Thus if you find that you are often focused on what is not going well in your life, and think about all the bad things that happen to you – this focus on the negative is what shines as a main influence in your core feelings about your life.

Alternatively, if you consciously focus your attention on the things in your life that you are grateful for you begin to move into an emotional state of abundance, and this kind of feeling will be the main influence in how you see your life. You can actively choose to practice Gratitude.
The Gratitude Exercise:
Begin today.
Write down 5 things that are you are grateful for right now.
Take a moment to repeat each one, and breathe the feeling of gratitude into your body.

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