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Fall—A Time For Letting Go

With September here and the fall season around the corner, it is the perfect season to start letting go of things that no longer serve us in a healthy way.

In traditional Chinese medicine, the fall represents this concept of letting go. Sometimes when we let go of things we may experience a sense of grief, yet at times when we let go of things we gain a sense of relief. If you start looking around you, you may have already noticed some leaves changing colours and even falling to the earth – nature is in this process of letting go as well. Nature is also letting go of the harvest: a time when lots of fruits and vegetables are finally ready to release their abundance.
As nature shows us and as you may have already experienced, letting go can be an abundant time giving a sense of relief and space. Any time you let go of something in your life, you are essentially creating space, which allows for something new to come in.
The practice you can engage in, which matches perfect with the upcoming season, is to take a moment to take a little inventory on your lifestyle. Is there something you want to let go of? You may decide it is time to finally clean out your closet and give away unworn clothes to those in need. Or you may decide it is time to give up your daily doughnut habit. Whatever it is, choose something that is unnecessary, and decide that you will let go of it. Then take action and begin the process of really letting go. It starts with the action of getting bags to throw the old clothes out in, or to make a concrete plan to prepare a healthier breakfast or snacks so that you are not tempted to get a doughnut. Challenge yourself to let go of something and start to see the space you create in your life.

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