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Vitamin G

If you are reading this title slightly confused, because you have never heard of “Vitamin G”, you are probably not alone.

Vitamin G is not something you can purchase in a bottle.

Vitamin G is the Vitamin of Gratitude…

When you take time out of your day to practice gratitude you enhance this quality of the good things in your life. If you think of Gratitude as a muscle, the more you feed it, and the more you place attention on it – just like anything in life, it will grow.
Something that probably everyone can take a moment to be grateful for is the miracle of your body. Even if you have limitations, to take a moment and reflect on ALL the things your body DOES do for you on a daily basis should help you appreciate this miracle you walk through your day with.
You know it is such an interesting phenomenon you might have experienced. Often when one is in a yoga movement class, or some other physical exercise program, they will often have days of feeling inadequate or not good enough. They will judge themselves for not being able to look a certain way in a pose or not able to work out as intense as a previous day or workout. Instead of taking the time to thank their body for what it is doing, people often judge their body for what it is not doing.
My recommendation is – practice gratitude for all the movement that you can do, and for taking the time out of your day to take care of yourself through movement.
Remember Vitamin G is not something you can buy or read about. It is something you need to consciously and actively practice if you want to strengthen it.
Recommended Practice:

Take a minute or two out of your day: scan your body and just thank your body for all that it does to keep you alive.

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